Music Teachers

5thApr 2017

Over the time that I have ran MGR Music Tuition Ltd, since launching it during my first year studying at the University of Exeter in 2009, I have always been limited to generating enquiries for music teachers located in large cities across four instruments – guitar, singing, piano and drums. This restriction put a top limit to the size of the teaching community that I could grow, indeed, as of 2017 we are almost at full capacity in terms of teaching community I can grow within the UK.

Got a great idea for a business? Before you go any further, read this...

31stJan 2017

Many startups fail because they create a product no one wants. SETsquared Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Ian James, explains how to prevent this.

If you have a burning business idea, 2017 could be the year you make it happen. But before you take the plunge to launch your new venture, leave behind a successful career, or pivot an existing company, you need to know if your idea has substance.

1. Plan