Day 6: Building USA sales through the channel

18thMay 2016
Great audience of investors and entrepeneurs for the "European Pitches" reception at the Cambridge Innovation Centre

The weekend was scorching here in Boston. The locals tell me it isn’t always like this, but I find that hard to believe. Anyway, back to work today for day 6 of the “Market Exploration Program” where we are getting ready for our USA launch later this year.

Day 5: Ignore hidden costs at your peril

16thMay 2016
One company practicing their USA-focused pitch for an invited audience of VCs and advisors

Friday brought a presentation about “Market Exploration and Validation”.

Day 4: A trip to the infinite corridor

13thMay 2016

The photo shows the various entrepreneurs attending the kTeams accelerator in front of the MIT Great Dome. We had a great tour of selected MIT buildings, including the “infinite corridor”. It was a powerful reminder of how influential the top Boston universities are – currently making up 2 of the top 3 ranked worldwide.