Day 4: A trip to the infinite corridor

13thMay 2016

The photo shows the various entrepreneurs attending the kTeams accelerator in front of the MIT Great Dome. We had a great tour of selected MIT buildings, including the “infinite corridor”. It was a powerful reminder of how influential the top Boston universities are – currently making up 2 of the top 3 ranked worldwide.

Day 3: Take out the tech and focus on value

12thMay 2016

More work on positioning today, focusing positioning further for the USA and for the selected audience. The focus remains simplifying and concentrating on the bare essentials. Extensive work on the slide deck resulted in many changes, completed only whilst the previous person was pitching to the invited audience.

Day 2: How to win VCs and influence them

11thMay 2016

Day 2 started at around 04:00am for me with Jetlag still working through my system.  After a few hours working with the team in England, I set off for the Cambridge Innovation Centre for the second day of kTeams.