May 2011


23rdMay 2011

Autism Diagnostic Research Centre - ADRC Helping Adults with Autism Fulfil Their Potential

The Idea/Product

ADRC provides a diagnostic service for adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Set-up as a not-for-profit company by the University of Southampton, ADRC has its roots in the School of Psychology, and the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme and is directed by Dr Tony Brown, a clinical psychologist specialising in developmental disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders.

Creative Dimension Software

26thMay 2011
3D model of a toy knight created  automatically from photos and  exported from Creative Dimension's  3DSOM Pro software in 3DSOM Flash  3D web format"SETsquared has helped us to grow by providing an excellent base of operations and business mentoring that, crucially,


22ndMay 2011
Enterprise-Class AnalyticsThe Product

Don Keir, SidonisSidonis delivers solutions for the monitoring, analysis and reporting of network problems. Its unique product, StateWise, is applicable to a very wide range of application areas.