July 2017

BioSystems Technology: Exeter start-up creates ethical alternative for disease and drug testing

25thJul 2017

Ethical alternatives to animal testing is being driven by technology, with Exeter firm BioSystems Technology leading the way in providing a more reliable and humane technique.

Global testing on animals is estimated to be as high as 115 million globally every year. Yet tighter regulations and rising costs have increased the pressure on the industry to find a more humane alternative. Dr Olivia Champion, CEO of BioSystems Technology, has developed research-grade larvae, which can act as a substitute for testing diseases, poisons and new drugs.

Crowdcube: Becoming a financial institution in the digital age

25thJul 2017

For many businesses, crowdfunding is seen as the investment platform of the digital age. Pioneered by Luke Lang and Darren Westlake who created the world’s first investment crowdfunding platform in 2011, Crowdcube has gone on to help more than 500 businesses raise finance and has over 400,000 members, who have invested over £245m.

Custodian Solutions: Custodian Solutions Counter-attack Counterfeit Crimes

25thJul 2017

Custodian Solutions is an award-winning software company which has created a cloud-based, anti-counterfeiting platform with advanced brand protection. The technology is used to investigate and gather evidence to litigate fraudsters, solving intractable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection problems.