Case Studies

Crowdcube: raising millions with crowdfunding

1stNov 2013
"The most important benefit of working with SETsquared has been the introductions. Robin Jackson, who runs the Innovation Centre, has been constantly introducing me to people."
Darren Westlake, CEO and co-founder, Crowdcube

Fast facts 

Start date: 2010

Custodian Solutions: Custodian Solutions Counter-attack Counterfeit Crimes

25thJul 2017

Custodian Solutions is an award-winning software company which has created a cloud-based, anti-counterfeiting platform with advanced brand protection. The technology is used to investigate and gather evidence to litigate fraudsters, solving intractable anti-counterfeiting and brand protection problems.  


20thSep 2011

“Our relationship with SETsquared has changed over the years. We started off needing their training and mentoring and now we use them as a sounding board for key decisions. We are part of  the SETsquared ecosystem now. “ Dr Jonathan Bloor, Founder.