REAPsystems Ltd.

Electronic battery management circuits, system integration, consultancy and complete solutions for Li-ion battery systems.

REAPsystems Ltd's main expertise is in battery systems with large lithium-ion cells. The company has several years of experience with this latest battery technology covering a range of applications such as boats, underwater vehicles, stationary energy storage, military and high-end racing. REAP's know-how and technology is now being applied in the emerging electric and hybrid electric car industry.

REAP's core product is an off-the-shelf, modular, electronic battery protection and management system (BMS). This circuit constantly monitors the status of each cell in a battery and manages all relevant battery parameters such as temperature, cell voltages and current. It performs essential protection and cell balancing and it maximises the performance and life of the entire battery pack.

REAPsystems' worldwide customer base includes cell manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, R&D institutions and other innovative companies. REAP supports these customers by producing prototypes within very short timescales, customised solutions for series production and also offers consultancy or vehicle integration solutions.