RedLux Ltd

RedLux Ltd develops form metrology instruments for precision components in medical, aviation and automotive applications.

RedLux Ltd develops metrology solutions for the measurement of large precision spheres, such as artificial hip joints. Further solutions could apply to other industrial uses such as aviation and automotive.

RedLux Ltd was founded by Dr Christian Maul to develop a world-class form measurement system for spherical objects. Dr Maul has worked on similar systems since 1998 and identified a need for precision measurements on large spherical objects. The main applications are in R&D activities and in quality control, where it is required to measure wear or deviation from the ideal spherical form of just a few tens of nanometres.

With a Research & Development Grant, awarded by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), and funding from other sources, RedLux has brought a measurement solution to the market that enables customers to significantly improve their research and development activities, as well as substantially reduce their quality control and production costs.