Industrial Phycology

Using the founder teams in-depth knowledge of algae and the waste water industry Industrial phycology has developed a new patent pending treatment system. This will allow the WW industry to cost effectively meet the new legislation. Our self contained modular system uses algae to remove the problem chemicals and can be easily scaled depending on the treatment works requirements. The key benefits over current solutions are:
•Recovery of nutrients including phosphate which is already past peak production
•Make use of carbon emissions helping to meet reduction targets
•Reduction in landfill waste, instead produces biomass which can produce revenue
•Can be adapted to treat a wide range of chemicals
•Reduced energy and chemical dosing running costs We have produced a prototype which is currently being trailed by Wessex Water. We are also in discussion with a number of other interested water companies and primary technology suppliers who are awaiting the results of our trial.

Initially customers are in the waste water treatment industry but applications in other industries will be possible in the future.

Design and manufacture of equipment to grow and harvest algae to clean water