Adhesion Technologies Ltd

Optimisation of strength, weight and cost reduction is paramount to the global aerospace, automotive and marine sectors. As a result carbon and glass fibre plastics composites) are superseding metal as the preferred construction material. This transition is currently being held back by two major problems.
a/ The replacement of conventional fixings designed for metals such as bolts, rivets, welds and adhesives.
b/ The inability to manufacture continuous filament carbon fibre structures at die cast aluminium production speeds.
In response to this demand Adhesion Technologies Ltd has two ‘ technically disruptive’ patents called ‘Spida Fixings’ and ‘Matrix Moulding’ Systems.
Both solutions work alone or in unison to provide superior cost, time, weight and strength performance rendering competing solutions obsolete.

Adhesion Technologies Ltd is partially funded and supported by the UK government and Southampton Universities SETsquared division. This advanced composites business is led by Colin Wood who has 30 years of international manufacturing experience producing automotive, armour and drone structures.
The company’s initial strategy is to use British components and specialists to assemble products and provide global technical support from it’s Southampton Science Park base in Hampshire UK.
Whilst a large element of the business will be web based direct customer contact will be available from UK and via trained distributors and franchise partners in the USA, India and China.
The business additionally offers pre and post manufacturing composite Finite Element Analysis (FEA) support to automotive, aerospace and marine customers.