Helastel Limited

Helastel is based in Bristol and makes bespoke software, websites and applications for clients in the UK and overseas. We have created software that has transformed businesses and made people’s lives easier. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with clients – most have now stayed with us for five years or more.

Helastel is small company with a big reach. We manage projects of great complexity for a company of our size. We’re proud to be commercially aware as well as highly technical, to be able to communicate well and to understand your customers, and your customers’ customers.

CEOs of high potential, mid-sized businesses ask us to create beautiful, clever, intuitive software to help their business do things better/grow.

Helastel makes software to create a step change in the growth of high potential, mid-sized businesses.

We provide the business acumen, the technical skill and the experience needed to develop and deliver software that will make a difference to your business.

We mix technical skill with a deep curiosity to understand what drives your business and to establish how technology can help it grow. We are small and we punch above our weight. Often we’re the only people that can do the work. We’re not shy of complexity but will make it simple to understand and outstanding for the software users.