Dashboard Limited is an early stage technology company formed to develop and market an automated remote monitoring solution for collecting/consolidating near-real-time data from sensors in both remote/accessible locations and for transmitting the data, using satellite/cellular/wireless communications, to a “private cloud” platform for analysis and retention. Analysed data is then presented via a "dashboard" interface, providing a view of the status of the given equipment, process or asset being monitored in real real-time.

Dashboard Ltd are an Internet of Things (IoT) company developing remote monitoring technology for the oil and gas industry. Using its own unique data acquisition hardware, analysis platform and dashboard interface technologies, the specialist will be able to provide continuous monitoring to oil and gas operators of their infrastructure, 24 hours a day. The technology also has the potential to be rolled out across a numerous other industries.

Founded in early 2015, the team of experienced technologists and engineers combined their expertise to develop innovative and industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which they have embedded in their unique dashboard monitoring system.

The Dashboard product allows operators to identify any potential pipeline leaks or ruptures 24 hours a day, whether in the field on a mobile device or in an office half a world away. If a leak is identified, a first response team can immediately be sent to the precise location to assess the damage, following which maintenance/engineering teams will be deployed to rectify any issues.

The Dashboard solution increases business efficiency, ensures process continuity, minimises environmental damage and supports community engagement in even the remotest parts of the world. It will also revolutionize maintenance, security and reporting within the industry.

Dashboard is currently working with some of the world’s leading oil and gas firms and hopes to collaborate with local companies in order to continue its rapid growth