Interactive Scientific Ltd

Interactive Scientific Ltd (iSci) is a multi-award winning company focussed on creating products and learning experiences that enable people to develop an intuitive understanding of the behaviour of the invisible and dynamic atomic and molecular Nano-world, which is too small for our eyes to see.

Drawing on a diverse team with expertise that spans rigorous molecular research, real-time computing, integrated hardware-software design, user testing and pedagogy, iSci is developing a product called the Nano Simbox and previously created danceroom Spectroscopy, a spectacular immersive digital experience. Nano Simbox is a next-generation educational platform that exploits a range of new human-computer-interaction (HCI) technology to allow students to interactively manipulate real-time molecular simulations. This quality product, currently at demonstrator stage, is our first scalable, commercial proposition that uses intuitive interaction, demonstrated learning potential, and engaging visualizations to make science accessible and fun for all learner types. It is an excellent tool for teaching subjects that are difficult to understand.

Established in 2013, Interactive Scientific is run by a management team made up of Dr Becky Sage (Managing Director), Phillip Tew (Technical Director) and Dr David Glowacki (Scientific Director). The company is motivated to drive forward the development of next generation education tools as we believe that technology (when deployed with the human at the centre) is an enabler for empowering learners, connecting learners to real world challenges and engaging a broader range of learner. The modelling and simulation at the heart of our tools are drivers for progress in scientific research that underpins many of the challenges that face our global society.

There are currently 6 people in the core Interactive Scientific team, with expansion imminent, based in office in Bristol. We are closely linked to the University of Bristol (founder is an academic there) and are residents of the Pervasive Media Studio despite no longer being based there.