Space Products and Innovation ltd.

Space Products and Innovation (SPIn) will develop the Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C). The adapter will support the industry to increase their profit during satellite manufacturing. The MA61C will connect any sub system to any satellite platform using the plug and play concept. Whilst using this product, it will not be required to install drivers, adapt connectors and programming the main software. This product will change the way satellite manufacturing is performed, reducing integration time from years to month and reducing cost by up to 60%. The concept will also provide much needed value for potential customers such as Airbus, OHB, and SSTL as they shift into satellite mass production for large constellation.

SPIn is a subsystem supplier that spins in available technology into the space industry. The company was started by 3 founder in September 2015 to assess the feasibility of the product. The 3 form a team that has won the space startup weekend in April 2015 by their ability to provide a scalable and successful business model.