Mymicrogravity offers to researchers a simple and fast access to microgravity and its expertise in designing and executing experiments in a weightlessness environment. We support our customers in choosing the right hardware and flight opportunities to take the most out of the experiment and maximise scientific and business return.

We give access to the largest catalogue of available hardware with one single point of contact, guaranteeing to the researcher the most suited solution for his experiments at each step of the investigations and development. Relying on strong partnerships in Europe and the USA, Mymicrogravity offers to researchers an access to the International Space Station, and parabolic flights with regular take-offs over the year. This means that an experiment can be sent to the Space Station in less than a year and going on a parabolic flight can be organised in less than six months.

Experiments run in space linked to subjects such as protein crystallisation and gene expression enabled leaps forward in the medical and pharmaceutical research and leading to the development of new treatments and vaccines. With mymicrogravity, a new land of opportunities has opened and it is now possible for companies to exploit the scientific facilities in space to continue being at the cutting edge of science in their domains of application in order to develop new innovative products for us, the humans on Earth.

Our business model has three sources of revenues that are expert missions to support the identification of research topics that could benefit the most from experiment in microgravity, the organisation of full parabolic flights taking-off from any geographical point and commission on the price of the contracts signed by our clients for hardware, integration and flights.