Humankind Ventures Ltd (trading as Forth)

Forth is a digital health tracking service which gives people the power to test, track and optimise key internal biomarkers integral to health, wellbeing and performance. The service allows people to understand their body like never before and supports them in taking action to improve their health & performance.

The business meets the growing demand for a fast, convenient and accessible health service which is currently unmet by NHS GPs. Forth will capitalize on the growing engagement by consumers in proactively managing their own health and the desire to gain greater control. This trend is being fuelled by the growth in activity trackers, genomics and other digital healthcare innovations, all of which are leading to the demise in traditional models of healthcare.

Forth enables people to test, track and optimise key internal biomarkers by providing fast and affordable access to accredited laboratory testing, without the need to visit a GP. Results are reported in an-easy-to understand personal health dashboard which tracks changes in results over time. The service will also support customers in improving their numbers by providing information and expert coaching in nutrition and exercise, helping them to make the right choices to reach optimal health and performance.