Medical Networking Ltd

GP+ Networking is a trademark under Medical Networking Ltd. It is a custom built website consisting of both open and closed access domains, which has been conceptualised and designed by a doctor for medical student’s and doctors. It is a platform for developing individual extended roles for those working in or considering general practice as their main career. It provides inspiration through showcasing innovative ways of delivering care, practical guidance and user selected coaching and networking opportunities from within the profession. The heart of the website is a user driven matching system to provide uniquely individualised coach selection, networking and information sharing within selected areas of interest. This allows guidance for the user throughout the development of an extended role in general practice from those who have been through the process. It finds the right person, with the right background to connect with.

I founded Medical Networking to develop a specific concept based on the needs within General Practice and this is ts current direction. However, the functionality of GP+Networking may be adapted to other groups within the healthcare service and internationally. Having a large network of specific healthcare workers is a valuable asset that requires assistance to fully realise.
I am currently running the business on grant funding and local NHS sponsorship however I want to move towards a commercial model to allow growth. The events section is a valuable source of revenue from commercial and pharmaceutical companies aiming at specific groups of doctors.