LuJam Security Ltd

The Threat from Cyber Security is sky-rocketing and SMEs do not have the means to mitigate the latest risks. The Business provides an innovative real-time solution based on a subscription model that protects your network and all devices attached to it. Furthermore, the user receives jargon free alerts and daily summaries reporting cyber security threats and risks.

Cyber Security is now a major issue that impacts every country’s social and economic standing. Current Cyber Security solutions have largely been the preserve of Government and Enterprises with large budgets. SMEs are limited to products that are ineffective in detecting the latest generation of banking and data leakage malware. Additionally, most of these are targeted at protecting Windows PCs but ignore mobile, tablet and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

This business is developing a Cyber Security Reporting and Alerting subscription service that prevents cyber attacks based on a risk assessment of network traffic.