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HellyHolly - smart assistance for busy families

We all know running a family is hard, and when both parents are also working (as is true for over 70% of families) it’s even harder. Parental overwhelm is on the rise, with one in three reporting they feel burned out most or all of the time.
Work-life balance and quality of home relationships impacts employee productivity, and 40% of parents fake illness to handle family commitments. When faced with burnout, absenteeism including resignation is the most common response among parents, costing business £30k on average to recruit and train a replacement.
Our tools target the pains and stresses felt everyday in busy families, and at HellyHolly we give parents the time and headspace needed to focus on living life, not just organising it. For employers our corporate subscriptions are a low-resource option for offering practical support to working parents and for improving employee engagement, productivity and retention.