Fluence World Ltd

Fluence takes the guesswork out of education planning.

Our cutting-edge content-analysis technology crunches through training and workplace content, to reveal the most efficient way of teaching it to students.

Uploading content to our platform allows us to reveal the core educational requirements of any course, to understand the knowledge gap between subject and student, and to optimise order of introduction for new content.

We are producing a new generation of intelligent teaching and learning tools that adapt autonomously to target whatever will have the greatest impact on the student, based on their starting position, and the subject matter they wish to access.

Our objective is to improve the efficiency, suitability and relevance of teaching and learning, through the application of content analysis and machine learning.

Our team of educators and computational linguists have pioneered a 'value-based' teaching system, which identifies the content that has the greatest impact, and delivers it to students in the most logical available order.

We built our reputation with the Communicate Project, which delivers accelerated literacy support to young offenders (see www.fluence.world/communicate). In as little as 6 sessions, a Communicate intervention gives illiterate offenders sufficient language skills to engage with education, training and employment. Communicate has generated over £1m in revenue.

We set up Fluence in 2016, to explore the potential of automating the value-based teaching model, so that it could be applied autonomously to new subjects. We have already prototyped e-learning solutions and content editing tools that tap into the conclusions drawn from this technology, and we are in the final stages of completing a client-facing conclusion dashboard to present educational conclusions to the client, in an actionable report).

Our aims for 2017/18:
1. Use seed funding to achieve commercial readiness.
2. Internalize & accelerate development
3. Fill out the core management team
4. Deliver first consultancy projects
5. Roll out sales & marketing strategy
6. Draw £1m+ investment by 2018