Dobook Limited/ is a one-stop social marketplace for charities, individuals and businesses. We aim to revolutionalise transparency and efficiency in the charity sector and to engage individuals in a completely new way.

The charity sector in the UK has been seen to be in crises for almost 10 years, stemming from lack of trust, absence of transparency as well as shifting customer needs – we believe our product will solve many of the sector problems. We will deliver comparability of social impact data (= where the money actually goes) in a compelling way, and new, permission based communication opportunities to the industry allowing charities to speak to their audience in a way they want to be communicated to. Further, is an experience for the individual, where they can engage with charities, rate them and be rewarded for their giving and volunteering.

This market leading platform is being developed by a seasoned start up team who have built their careers in charities, marketing, technology and strategy consulting as well as digital innovation. Our product roadmap consists of three standalone products, which will bring distinct benefits to the charity sector and smaller charitable organisations. We operate as a freemium model with individual users paying nothing and basic charity profiles being free. is a functioning ecosystem with benefits delivered to individuals, companies, brands and charities. It is the aim of to launch into several charitable markets, creating a global charitable market place. Social impact, efficiency reporting tools and engagement will be developed further and will become a standard for comparison of charities and charitable giving.

Ethos is a start-up with a mission to revolutionise the charitable sector. We will harness the latest technology to make charitable giving more efficient, transparent and engaging. We aim to grow the total amount of resources given to the charitable sector by creating new type of transparency and comparability and positively commercialise the charitable sector. We do this as an independent, enthusiastic commercial venture generating both value add for our society and good returns for our shareholders.

What do we do is a one-stop marketplace for all charitable activities, where charities, individuals and businesses can find, communicate and trade with each other. The platform is a combination of market place, social media and directory to revolutionalise transparency, efficiency and engagement in the charity sector.

WhatCharity is operated on freemium basis with paid options for more advanced profile features for charities and companies (priority placement on platform, comprehensive profile including “Impact Loop” product, further communication options and advanced analytics). Pay-as-you-go permission based marketing options offered to charities and businesses.

Who we are is run by an enthusiastic, committed team of five which has a genuine will to make a difference and dedication to build a scalable, successful business.
Every member of the team has 15-20 years of solid business experience each. We are particularly strong in technology, sales, marketing, operations, finance and business development. Businesses we have worked for include organisations as diverse as McKinsey and Company, Allied Domecq, Lloyds Banking Group and Accenture. Start up experience includes working for companies like Spotify and FirstMark. We also have a track record of consulting and coaching other start ups and have been mentors through a variety of organisations such as Startupbootcamp.