Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs have built a gamified, social platform that streams cyber labs to end users, enabling them to acquire and develop practical skills that are measured and reported to the business’ C-suite.

We are launching a free version for Academia called the Digital Cyber Academy. This will enable students in the UK in any form of higher or further education to learn practical cyber skills. We then enable businesses to identify talent based on skills demonstrated rather than background, subject, age, nationality etc. This will hopefully lead to a natural increase in diversity as organisations cannot apply unconscious bias at the selection stage.

Our labs span multiple disciplines including:

Secure coding
Reverse engineering
Ethical hacking
Security investigation and response
Open source investigation
…and many others with more skills and labs being added all of the time.

We crowd source labs from leading experts enabling present day (and in some cases same day) security issues to be made available to our customers as hands on real servers.

Customers can measure existing skills of their teams, develop them and keep users engaged with points, badges and leaderboards. Our platform enables customers to identify hidden talent from within the existing organisation, shortcutting recruitment delays and reducing cost.

Our business is a SaaS platform for measuring and developing hands-on cyber skills. We charge a monthly user charge to organisations who have technical team members including system administrators, developers or cyber security staff.