BeaconSoft Ltd

Beaconsoft is a UK-based technology company focused on providing products that provide big data-backed intelligence, knowledge and insights into the better use of digital technologies for marketing activity through our “Beacon” suite of software products.

Digital agencies need to measure results. However, it’s very difficult to measure the success of social media activity by individual post and by campaigns. The link between a campaign and its results is broken.
Beacon is Web Analytics for Social. Based upon big-data analytics; enabling businesses to identify, execute and refine their social media campaigns to maximise their return from their social media investment.
It’s easy to buy, ‘sticky’, and works with existing social tools to provide a complete toolbox.
The Beaconsoft team consists of seasoned technology professionals and experts with track records of global technology success and a thorough understanding of this industry.
The team have undertaken a thorough analysis of the market, the need and the competitive tools; and are convinced that there is clear space to operate with the planned Beacon functionality, ’secret sauce’ and price proposition into a global rising market. There are over 60 products in this market, but we have found none that fulfils the planned Beacon functionality-value combination.