OneDot Automation Limited (trading as Inventyourhome)

Inventyourhome is a smart-home solution start-up which focuses on utilizing Artificial Intelligence and modern technologies to develop innovative and cost-effective home automation products. This enables us to provide an intelligent and personalized smart-home environment along with a user-friendly experience which makes us stand out from the current market offerings.

Over the past few years Inventyourhome has been providing smart-home design service to clients from various backgrounds. This has helped us understand the requirements of the smart-home users along with the issues with current IoT products. The current state of the smart home market is such that customers need reassurance that the products they buy will not become outdated and unsupported in the foreseeable future. They are also turned off by the complex nature of the smart home products available and the associated installation procedures. There are huge upfront costs involved as the customers are required to buy various standalone devices from separate manufacturers in order to achieve a complete smart home environment. This leads to the user having to install multiple apps for the different products purchased, making the whole process very cumbersome.

We seek to eliminate these obstacles by offering several unique products and solutions utilizing AI and innovative design strategies. With our background in smart-home design we understand how to to create products that offer an easy, universal configuration environment for users with existing smart-home products.