IoTechnics Ltd

IoTechnics is a hardware and software design house specialising in edge devices connected to the cloud using low-power wireless communications technologies. We have identified a gap in the RFID reader market for clothing retailers and we are in the process of developing a product to fill this gap.

IoTechnics designs and delivers full or partial solutions in the Internet of Things market for customers wanting to update existing products or launch new products. Using our skills in hardware and software design we can develop exactly the device, wireless communication and analytics that our client needs to enable their products/services to sell more effectively delivering improved differentiation, volumes and revenues. We will design a solution to exactly fit our client’s requirements rather than trying to force fit “off the shelf” devices and systems delivering a better experience for our client and their customer.
High street retailers have a need to track their inventory, and understand where items are in the shop premises at all time. Currently this still relies on regular stock checks and the discipline of the shop staff, and as such is very inaccurate, costing shop staff time and lost sales. There are solutions using ceiling mounted RFID readers but deployment of such solutions is not widespread due to cost of deployment.
We are currently pursuing a specific product idea for a low cost, short range, battery powered RFID reader with a mesh network connection back into a retailer’s infrastructure. Such a device can be quickly and easily deployed by a retailer to any location in their store either temporarily or permanently.
We currently have completed an initial proof of concept phase to show that the idea is achievable. We are now moving into a second phase to resolve issues identified around the specific antenna requirements and receive sensitivity of the RFID reader module to ensure we can achieve the required range and tag read rates.