CheckRisk is a trusted provider of Risk tech services to many established clients in the financial sector.
Risk is one of the most critical and yet least understood forces in life.
Most investors spend their time chasing the thing they can’t control: returns.
They spend little time thinking about the things they can control that can make a difference: risk, cost and time.
CheckRisk thinks of Risk in the widest possible sense: from macro global economy level to the micro securities using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.
CheckRisk has developed, and delivered, several proprietary Risk Management tools and models. Their products are innovative, future-facing and multi-dimensional; designed to assist clients in answering the simple question “Are you being paid to take Risk?”

Cutting edge Risk Tech company with significant proprietary IP, developed with the Universities of Bath and Bristol.
Currently operating as a bespoke consultancy service, CheckRisk is now seeking further equity investment to fund the development of Software as a Service (SAAS) products.
The research phase and proof of concept has been completed for several products (with AEGON Ireland) which are now ready to be converted to more desirable SAAS products.
Additional products have been designed for application in the wider RiskTech sector to provide insight into individual and corporate risk profiles and strategies.
A significant client opportunity has arisen in the form of a merger of two asset management platforms backed by a major life insurance group in Ireland - which CR have been approached to advise on their funds.
This client, and any others wanting the same service, will be managed separately in a newly set up asset management business (Check Risk Asset Management) deploying the IP created by CheckRisk.