Exoshock Ltd

Exoshock is spun out of the Anglia Ruskin University and the Global Sustainability Institute in Cambridge. Our core product is a unique model that allows organisations to assess and plan for potential risks posed to their businesses by unforeseen exogenous events. We do this by taking real, underlying physical trends in the Food, Energy & Mineral systems and mapping the impact of shocks within them through to economic, social & business variables.

The world’s economy is intrinsically interconnected. This highly complex, interdependent network of financial structures and the underlying natural resources that underpin them are highly susceptible to cascading shocks, each having the potential to significantly impact both industry and society.

A change in climate triggering drought or the long-term salinization of farmland caused by rising sea levels can significantly impact arable land. This not only impacts food production and pricing but can also impact energy systems (biofuel) and industrial capital flows. It is increasingly important that this cascaded series of linked shocks can be modelled, understood and mitigated where possible.

Exoshock is a unique modelling tool employing the science of Systems Dynamics that will allow business and government leaders to identify and tackle these highly complex problems.