Verdu Labs Ltd

Veridu (a trading name of Veridu Labs Ltd) is a Bristol-based Regtech startup with a mission to bring compliance (and therefore trust) to blockchain businesses.

Veridu was founded in 2018 by technologist Nicholas Hemley (Bristech), fintech lawyer Adrian Shedden (Keystone Law) and entrepreneur Tom Morgan (The Adventurists, The Visa Machine).

Using unique cryptocurrency source of funds technology, they are on a mission to ensure that any inbound funds into blockchain and traditional financial businesses have not been subject to money laundering by criminals.

Veridu is a proud member of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator (OSCA) and the 2018 Cohort 4 in the FCA Sandbox.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a new and exciting way for entrepreneurs to raise capital by using crypto tokens, like Bitcoin and Ether.

ICOs currently lack transparency to satisfy UK and European regulation. This forces ICO issuers to operate in more lightly regulated offshore jurisdictions. This comes with significant operational problems and expense. Lack of regulatory compliance also makes institutional money more averse to dealing with blockchain businesses.

By bringing strict compliance to blockchain, Veridu enables ICO issuers to land funds in the UK and Europe, and allow institutional money to flow.