Revenergy Limited

Smart energy products and services development to serve the energy needs of homes and businesses in a low carbon environment

Revenergy Limited has the unique strengths in functional design in smart homes/businesses and their interaction with the grid. This is developed from the first building/grid demonstration project, trialled across 26 homes, 4 schools and 1 data centre in Bristol between 2012-2016 (Solar Bristol). The insights and learning from the project has been subsequently used to inform the design of a renewable-centric local system through a range of EPSRC, EU sponsored projects, from local energy trading to decentralised energy management system.

Revenergy Limited is now teamed up with a group of major energy market players on both the UK and China side including local energy system designers, local energy system integrators and installators to deliver a complete and stylish design for a renewable-centric local energy system.