23rdMay 2011

Autism Diagnostic Research Centre - ADRC Helping Adults with Autism Fulfil Their Potential

The Idea/Product

ADRC provides a diagnostic service for adults suspected of having an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Set-up as a not-for-profit company by the University of Southampton, ADRC has its roots in the School of Psychology, and the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Training Programme and is directed by Dr Tony Brown, a clinical psychologist specialising in developmental disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders.

The Centre brings a team together from a range of clinical disciplines. Collectively, they provide both a diagnosis and also produce a report that will help the individual, their families and those who deal with them better understand their condition. The report gives clear and concise guidance and recommendations for support, enabling those diagnosed to live more engaged, safe and fulfilling lives.

Although autism is becoming increasingly well diagnosed in children, the National Autistic Society and the recent report by the National Audit Office suggest that there could be as many as 100,000 undiagnosed adults in the UK with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

How SETsquared/ Tech transfer Office has helped

ADRC was conceived by Dr Tony Brown who worked with Andrew Stamp, of Morgan Harris Burrows and the University's Research and Innovation Services in the initial set-up process.

The University of Southampton's Research and Innovation Services:

initiated feasibility studies which were undertaken by Morgan Harris Burrows in conjunction with The Disabilities Trust
undertook the necessary contractual and legal requirements of company formation
assisted in the formation of ADRC's Board of Directors and provided an experienced executive as one of its members
provided accountancy and company secretarial support;and
initial support on marketing activity.

  • ADRC Benefactor Roger Brooke and
  • Chairman James Morgan officially
  • open ADRC
  • Funding

The Centre initially received a donation from a private benefactor, Mr Roger Brooke, which enabled its creation. Further grant funding has been provided by the Rayne Foundation and ADRC is well on the way to becoming completely self-funded through the fees it charges. Once this has been achieved, any surplus will be used to further the Centre's research, expand the team and potentially to set-up further branches in other parts of the country.

Business Won so Far

To date the Centre has provided diagnoses and reports for more than thirty clients.

The Team

Dr Brown remains a full-time member of staff at the University, and spends two days a week at the Centre.
Members of the School of Psychology and David Bream, Director of Southampton SETsquared Incubation Centre continue to support the Board of Directors.
Pat Abbott, an experienced neuropsychology practitioner, was appointed in September 2007 to the post of Clinic Manager. She co-ordinates all of ADRC's day to day running and makes a professional contribution to the work of the team.
The full clinical team was brought together in late 2007, including two Clinical Psychologists, two Consultant Psychiatrists (from Adult Mental Health and from Learning Disabilities) and a Forensic Neuropsychologist.