The contribution which university research can make to society is vast and varied – both in this county and around the world. NGO’s, policy makers and the public alike have benefited from the work of the four universities of the SETsquared Partnership.

Together they are helping to free innocent men and women from prison, opened up data gathered by government to the people and empowered some of the poorest people in the world to make real changes to their everyday lives.

Research projects from the Partnership include:

  • 35 Million 'invisible' poor - Three decades of action research focusing on the economic empowerment of the poorest people in Bangladesh which has reduced poverty and changed government policy.
  • Glass Cliff - Research into the glass cliff examines what happens when women and people in minority groups take on leadership roles.
  • The Innocence Network - A collaborative venture between law students and staff, pro bono criminal lawyers and forensic scientists which is working to secure the release from prison of a number of wrongly convicted people.
  • Public Procurement Policies - A 14 year research project with the NHS looking at the procurement of everything from local fresh food to prosthetics which has contributed to significant financial savings and changes in policy.
  • Transparency and Open Data - the development of the ground-breaking new portal: