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Company Business Summary

AccelerComm Ltd

AccelerComm is an exciting semiconductor IP-core start-up that offers solutions to accelerate next generation of wireless communications (4.5G & 5G). Our technology solves the bottleneck that would otherwise limit the speed of next generation wireless communication, namely the error correction decoding that is required to overcome the effects of noise, interference and poor signal strength. Our turbo error correction decoder enables ten-times improvements to download speeds, as well as ten-times improvements to lag in online gaming and cloud computing applications. It is backwards compatible with 4G and 4.5G and it is future proof against whatever is defined for 5G. This will allow 5G standardisation to focus on improving performance, without worrying about how easy the standard is to implement. Unlike conventional error correction decoders, our technology can gracefully scale down to Internet of Things applications and gracefully scale up to basestation applications.

Advanced EPI/Silicon Carbide semiconductors

Advanced EPI has developed a new process to enable Silicon Carbide (SiC) layers to be grown on inexpensive silicon substrates. SiC has long been prized for its excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties, but the cost of making semiconductor grade SiC has been prohibitive. The process has been patented, as well as the first range of sensors that will make use of the new material. Applications are as diverse as LED lighting, sensors for harsh environments and medical devices.

Azul Optics

Azul Optics offers a new technology for clinical assessment of macular pigments, which play an important role in vision and eye health. Low levels of macular pigments are a risk factor for central vision loss from age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of incurable blindness in the developed world. The technology reduces testing time from 3-10 minutes to less than one minute. The device is small and easy to use, as well as cost-efficient to manufacture. 

Bioinduction Limited

Bioinduction Limited has created the Picostim system, the only general purpose deep brain stimulator small enough to skull mount. This system greatly reduces implantation times and has a simple, modern design, including implantable stimulator, electrode leads, patient controller/charger and touch screen PC programmable by a physician. It improves upon conventional devices that are implanted in the chest or hip, making the device difficult to recharge. Less time in the operating room and a one stage procedure means reduced risk of anaesthetic complications and risk of infection. Picostim also reduces side effects by accurately focusing stimulation towards the target, and can monitor disease progression by feedback of neural activity in the brain.

Dashboard Ltd

Dashboard is at the forefront of industrial process/infrastructure monitoring, capitalising on the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution.  Continuous real-time monitoring has now become a reality for many industrial processes, and Dashboard’s unique understanding of Data Analytics and how to build a true multi-variate technology platform helps businesses by empowering customers to increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage. In the oil sector, for example, petrochemical pipeline leaks and ruptures, resulting from structural failure, corrosion, vandalism or theft, and accurate back allocation and hydrocarbon accounting are now easily accessible. This detailed understanding of data analytics, coupled with industrial systems integration, puts Dashboard at the cutting edge of industrial process monitoring regardless of the sector or application.

Dynamon Ltd

Fuel is the largest cost for road transport and logistics companies, and business margins are very small. Therefore, reliable fuel savings are the best approach to improve business margins. Dynamon has developed an analytics service targeted at identifying fuel saving opportunities in road transport and logistics. Dynamon’s software uses telematics data to identify which fuel saving products transport companies should invest. This enables them to save fuel and maximise business margins. Dynamon software is licensed as a value-added service to telematics providers.
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Folium Optics Limited

Folium Optics Limited has created My Health Tags, an Internet of Things solution.  It provides patients with helpful reminders about their prescribed medicine and shares vital adherence data with their healthcare network. Attached to medicine packaging, the smart tags link with a reminder unit, placed centrally in the home to create unmissable notifications and alerts using Folium’s vivid plastic displays. In the UK, poor medicine adherence costs the NHS almost £1 billion annually, and only half of medicines prescribed are taken as intended. My Health Tags are now heading into trial and Folium Optics are seeking commerical partners to make them more widely available.
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Fourth State Medicine Ltd

Fourth State Medicine Ltd has developed a revolutionary platform technology for use in a number of diverse and high value markets, from cosmetic partners using it to reduce wrinkles, NHS partners treating diabetic ulcers and other long term applications in veterinary and food sectors. Using innovative techniques inspired from the cutting edge of space technology, the device eradicates resistant bacteria including MRSA and improves skin condition. A cascade of products is being developed to address these markets over the next five years.
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Green Running Ltd

Green Running has developed a technology called the eGenius™ that uses Artificial Intelligence to help homes monitor, analyse and manage their energy consumption. It has the ability to provide real-time bill breakdown and usage information to an individual appliance level via a smartphone or tablet device. Already well established in the commercial market, Green Running has provided their energy monitoring system to the likes of the Crowne Plaza Group, Jaguar Land Rover and Scottish Power Energy Networks. Investors include Ignite; the Social Investment arm of Centrica and owners of British Gas.
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Glycation detection technologies This team has developed a simple and cost effective detection and analysis tool for the visualisation and identification of glycated proteins in blood, which can cause complications such as cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney disease and dementia in people with diabetes. Applications include early diagnosis of diabetes related complications and type 2 diabetes linked Alzheimer's disease. Earlier diagnosis of these will support drug discovery and will hugely improve patient quality of life.
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iGeolise Limited - the TravelTime platform

iGeolise makes maps and data searchable by travel time, rather than distance. Consumer-facing websites that link to iGeolise's technology, enable their users to search by the traveltime  and transport mode of their choice (e.g. 'hotels within 30 minutes of the conference centre, using public transport). Searching by traveltime triples conversion rates because every result returned is geographically relevant. iGeolise are live in 8 countries and process over one billion locations a month.
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ImiTec Limited

ImiTec can find, identify and measure radiation and thus make a significant contribution to gaining a better understanding of radiation in the environment.ImiTec’s core product is its patented Remote Isotopic Analysis System (RIAS) a radiation monitoring system that detects, characterises and maps radiation in near real time.  RIAS can be incorporated onto a number of platforms including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, non-rigid airships, submersibles as well as various robotic systems and ground based vehicles; there is also a man-pack variant. RIAS is different to current systems which only detect and measure radiation and is of interest to clients in the nuclear industry, defence, homeland security and exploration sectors.
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Inclusive Media Solutions, Product: EasyVideo

At Inclusive Media Solutions we believe video is the most powerful means of communication for people with Learning Disabilities. EasyVideo can help 180,000 people with learning disabilities in the UK become independent and reduce the need for paid care. Users scan our QR codes fixed to household items and watch a video that demonstrates how to use it. EasyVideo provides live analytical data to our client demonstrating its effectiveness at supporting service user’s independence and reducing costs. We work closely with local authorities, educational providers, housing associations and third sector in the South West. We want to further expand our client base in the Learning Disability market and develop EasyVideo for stroke rehabilitation patients and people living with dementia.
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Integrated oral drug delivery model

This company has developed the first fully integrated single system capable of modelling digestion, mucus permeation and epithelial absorption. This will help pharma companies with their early pipeline drug discovery and development enabling the increased success of drugs, better direct their resources and improve their return on investment. This model was previously described as the 'holy grail' of research into oral pharmaceuticals.

Living Map

Living Map is a next-generation bespoke mapping platform that helps cities and venues monetise their data. We help some of the world’s biggest airports and cities - including Heathrow, Vancouver, Cleveland - to provide real-time, highly detailed digital and printed maps and signage in some of the most densely populated and intensely used spaces on earth. As market leaders in indoor and urban mapping, Living Map is growing rapidly and aim to become the map of choice in a location-based services market that is expected to grow from $10bn last year to $40bn by 2019.


NquiringMinds develops secure Internet of Things solutions and secure data processing and analytics for smart cities and industrial markets. The company has developed a Trusted Data Exchange, which combines IoT and big data streams into a single secure, shareable database, as well as InterLinQ, a secure IoT technology that allows data processing and analytics to be dynamically moved between the cloud and the sensors. Nqminds has won multiple industry awards, and has customers in Local government, Agriculture, Energy and Healthcare sectors.
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Observant Innovations Ltd

Observant Innovations Ltd has designed and manufactured smart cameras as innovative solutions to surveillance challenges. The technology can capture accurate 360-degree panoramic video imagery. The first product, PATROL, a 360 degree vehicle mounted surveillance, has been tested and released to market. It incorporates HD panoramic imagery, eliminates the need for an operator to pan and tilt the camera and preserves the context of an incident or event for total situation replay.
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OnCorps, Inc

OnCorps is an adaptive decision analytics company that intelligently engages users, such as key business decision makers, and nudges them to drive better decisions. The applications and OnCorps platform adapt to each user's performance by applying a unique combination of behavioural science, machine learning and sabermetrics. Users see real-time diagnostics while building a personal decision diary. OnCorps data scientists can also seamlessly convert relevant external data sources and events into predictive and correlative models, supplementing an organisation's proprietary data.
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Proteins are used in nearly every area of biotechnology, from antibodies used to treat cancer and multiple sclerosis, through to enzymes used to make fine chemicals. QUBES is a technology that sensitively monitors the structure and stability of proteins. It detects when proteins breakdown, predicts their stability and is faster, more sensitive and cheaper to run than existing approaches.
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Accelogress Limited is a digital and mobile solutions company. We created Save-a-Space, an innovative cloud-based and hardware agnostic parking platform, which allows parking providers to deliver a new level of personalised parking service to customers and visitors whilst increasing parking revenue by making available previously unused parking spaces. Cost effective management and monitoring is delivered via the Save-a-Space web dashboard and integration of real-time parking availability information within the user app maximises the benefits Save-a-Space can offer to parking providers and town centre visitors.
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3D Metal Printing Ltd.,
Product: TOKA

Over 10 million people worldwide have untreated symptomatic knee pain and disability, but are not yet suitable for knee replacement. Global ageing trends will double this burden to society and healthcare providers by 2030. ToKa provides a straightforward, repeatable, high precision surgical correction achievable in under an hour. Societal benefits include increased productivity as well as reduced costs to healthcare systems. A patient-tailored solution for the relief of knee pain and restoration of function.


ThanksBox is a London based technology start up, focussed on delivering tools that measure, track and correlate employee engagement data. Using open API architecture, ThanksBox embeds its technology within existing communication streams to collect insights and drive organic communication throughout the organisation on a continuous basis. The data delivers unique and actionable insights for HR and business leaders, creating trackable metrics and granular insight into organisational culture and employee engagement.
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Thernally Stable Vaccines

Our group has developed a coating made of silica that helps to preserves vaccines from spoiling, allowing vaccines to be used even after six months storage at room temperature. Vaccines currently have to be stored and transported using cold chain (2-8C), which amount for more than half of the cost of vaccination programs. Silica coating prevents the proteins in vaccines from unfolding and thus from denaturation. This coating could bring a fundamental change in the way vaccines, drugs and antibodies are stored, transported and administered in the future.

Utonomy Ltd

Utonomy has developed innovative technology to automatically optimise the pressure in gas distribution networks. This is currently done manually and doesn’t take account of large seasonal and daily variations in demand. As leakage from the network is directly proportional to pressure, optimisation of pressure leads to a significant reduction in leakage. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, so it is critically important to keep leakage to a minimum. The Utonomy solution also reduces operating costs and the cost of lost gas giving gas network operators an ROI of less than two years.


Veloscient is a faster, more efficient way for clinicians to produce high quality, clinical notes on a medical device. It replaces typing and dictation with a fast, efficient and truly digital process, putting the patient first with no keyboard distractions. Its template driven narratives, powered by flexible data capture tools replace unstructured medical transcription.

Visual Atoms Ltd

Visual Atoms delivers cutting edge computer vision and visual recognition solutions for markets including media, security and data hosting. The company's product, FIND, is a high-speed, high-accuracy visual recognition and search solution. It matches images and videos depicting the same objects or scenes based on visual similarities without manual annotations or metadata. It has applications in a diverse range of fields, including media production, security and data hosting.

XIM Ltd 

XIM Ltd has created its patented Lifelight technology that can predict a heart attack up to 24 hours before it occurs, without the need for wearable devices or expensive specialist equipment. The system uses a standard camera with advanced software to detect a user’s vital signs by observing tiny changes in skin colour and alerts nursing staff and carers while there is time to intervene.
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Zeet Ltd

Zeet's technology allows digital receipts to be linked to electronic payments, removing the burden on the consumer and creating a world free from paper receipts. Unlike existing electronic receipt technology, the consumer doesn't give their email address to the merchant, they simply pay by card and they are done. Receipts can also be sent directly to expense software and automatically reconsiled.
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