Pitching Companies



One liner


BECOCO is building a virtual fashion styling platform to help retailers offer true personalisation to their consumers.


Infi-tex has created smart textile pressure sensors, which enable electronic interaction and data collection via soft buttons that can be integrated into clothing.

Jeremy Mutebi

Jeremy Mutebi has developed a platform that allows men to shop outfits based on the latest trends, and create collections based on collaborations with style bloggers and brands.


Metapixel is creating the world’s largest library of 3D scans of people, objects and environments to sell on our ecommerce store, we aim to be the ‘Getty Images’ of the 3D world.


SKMMP is a fashion supply chain platform for ready to wear Designers. The physical and online digital showroom significantly reduces cost and risk associated with B2B wholesale allowing designers and buyers to do business remotely.


Stealthy is the first smart well-being jewellery brand which actively facilitates a happier and healthier life. Using innovative design the jewellery brings mindfulness to wearers helping them avoid depression and other associated illnesses caused by hypovitaminosis/ vitamin D deficiency.