Company Sector Description
Cascoda Wireless

Cascoda has developed the world’s most advanced semiconductor radio transceiver for wireless automation and control. The product, which has the world’s lowest power consumption over any range, can be used across a wide range of markets to address the urgent need to make homes, offices and industrial plants more energy efficient.

Crowd Connected Location Technology

Waiting at the bar for hours on end at a music festival could soon be a thing of the past thanks to Crowd Connected’s technology. Its platform, CoLocator, gathers data from a crowd’s smartphones to provide aggregated location insight to operators. It tells them where crowd-densities are prob­lematic, where queues are building up, and how their customers are behaving in order to inform operations and improve customer service.

EZ Education Education Technology

EZ Education Ltd is the inventor of DoodleMaths, the top-grossing primary maths app in the UK. The educational app not only engages children in maths, but is guaranteed to deliver measureable improvements. The app differs from others on the market because it is adaptive, producing a work program tailored to each

Fourth State Medicine Medical Devices

Leveraging state of the art space technology Fourth State Medicine has created a wrinkle-busting hand-held plasma pen. The product is already endorsed by several Harley Street surgeons and academics, thanks to the fact that it is the only device that can address deep periocular and upper lip areas. As well as applications in the $21 billion skin resurfacing and wrinkle removal market, the same product can be used to treat ulcers, burns, bed sores and military wounds.

Green Running Energy

Green Running has a revolutionary technology that, through monitoring a single point on the mains power line, is able to cheaply and accurately disaggregate the Power Load into which home appliances are consuming it through their unique power load signatures and report on how much they are costing. The system even provides this data in Real Time through a slick tablet dashboard and phone app to the consumer and Energy companies, enabling both to drive further energy reduction and reduce costs.


Healthquest Solutions has developed a range of solutions to improve the lives of patients suffering with long-term conditions such as COPD, Asthma and Diabetes and help the heath community to manage their patient population more effectively. Its range of IT and educational services are already being used by NHS England, GSK and other big names.

Inova Design Solutions Lifesciences

Inova Design Solutions has created Bodytrak™, a miniature wearable device that can monitor a suite of health and performance indicators and send accurate data wirelessly to the user in real-time via a smart phone, smart watch or internet hub. Bodytrak™ has wide-reaching benefits: in sport it will enable improved performance, in defence it will enable quicker intervention of medical emergencies, and in healthcare reduce the resource burden of chronic illnesses.

Nquiring Minds Internet of Things - Smart Cities - Security The UbiApps platform is a cloud based management server, used to process and visualise data. The platform controls applications everywhere and addresses the problems of IOT, Cloud and end user devices. Underpinned with state of the art security, it provides enterprise management the capability to deploy future-proofed connected devices with confidence.
Red Skies Technology Satellite applications - transportation

Red Skies Technology is helping to improve use of public transport in developing countries with its GPS controlled transport payment system, called YoSafari. The system aims to prevent local commuters being forced to pay different fares depending on operator, time of day, and demand in the network, by using cash free travel cards. It also helps authorities collect data on commuter trends.

Simpleware Ltd Engineering Simulation Software

Simpleware provides high-tech tools for the conversion of 3D scan data into high-quality computer models, used in engineering design and simulation. Its technology can be used for anything from creating models to evaluate medical implants and processes within the human body to reverse engineering aerospace parts from scans and creating models for non-destructive testing.

Smart Antenna Technologies Telecommunications

Smart Antenna Technologies specialises in patented smart multiband antenna technology for portable devices and offers more functions but smaller size and lower cost. The company has designed, developed and patented highly compact offering that replaces all existing antennas, including DVB-H, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, 3G multi-bands and 4G LTE with just one.

SoftIron Hardware Technology

SoftIron has created a range of world-first, enterprise-class ARM-based Low Energy Servers. Given the considerable reduction in server power consumption and CO2 emissions that SoftIron technology will potentially bring about, the start-up is set to make a significant contribution to the low carbon economy globally; and grow a UK-based export-driven technology business that could make a significant global impact.

Sure Sense Ltd Information Technology

Sure Sense is set to revolutionalise the way commercial kitchens do business. It has created software and hardware systems that eliminate the need for outdated paper forms, saving caterers, hotels and other venues valuable time and money. With a single premiership football stadium generating over 3000 paper forms on a match day which take three managers a full day to review, the benefits of the system are clear.

TickBox Information Technology

TickBox has created an online platform that helps voters easily assess candidates and their policies during elections. The platform allows an information comparison, to prevent voters feeling overwhelmed by candidate material. Several pilot projects have demonstrated younger voters’ increased participation in voting when able to compare candidates easily.

Tickvantage Security

Tickvantage has created a new solution to prevent scams, phishing attacks and ID fraud. Its mobile ‘chip and pin’ provides ‘true authentication’ of people, organisations and products using any mobile device through patented and patent pending solution sets.

TISICS Aerospace materials

TISICS has a unique European facility developing and manufacturing ceramic fibre and reinforced titanium and aluminium parts. The strength and stiffness improvements mean lighter, more efficient components and systems in space aerospace defence and energy. Its technology could be used to create 30% to 70% lighter aircraft parts, which would burn less fuel and create less emissions.

TravelAI Software, ITC, Mobile/Smartphone, Transport, Smart Cities, Big Data

TravelAI’s software runs in the background using smartphones to study speed, location and pattern of movement to automatically determine a user’s route and method of transport. Designed as a platform solution we are solving a diverse range of client problems from Mileage Expense claims fraud to carbon footprinting travel to making cycling safer by crowdsourcing cycling routes to name a few. Our software allows apps to understand the context a user finds themselves in. Whether they are driving, walking, cycling, relaxing on the plane, train, subway, or not moving at all. It also has applications for transport planning, leveraging the use of smartphones to crowd source the movement of millions of travel journeys a day without the need for any new IT infrastructure.

Triggered Messaging Software as a Service - digital marketing

Triggered Messaging has created a real-time digital marketing platform that allows mid market e-commerce retailers to benefit from Amazon-esque cross channel personalisation. Its technology allows digital businesses to see exactly what is of interest to their customers and make all digital touch points hyper-relevant based on real time and historical behaviour of the individual and the

Ultrahaptics Consumer electronics

Ultrahaptics is the world’s leading touchless haptics company. Their unique technology brings the sense of touch to gesture control, creating the magical experience of feeling without touching.

Vuin Media and entertainment

VUiN is a video on demand service which offers an easier solution to watch Indian movies at your convenience. VUiN has already built strong strategic relationship with movie distributors in the UK and India. VUiN operates it's own Content Delivery Platform where by reducing the cost per stream which enables VUiN to provide a unique Revenue share proposition to the distributors. VUiN also offers cine news, galleries, trailers and short films that can be accessed on various internet‐enabled devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets and smart‐televisions.

Vzzual Image analysis Software as a Service in insurance and brand management

Vzzual provides automatic analysis and tagging of photographs and videos based on subject matter and content. By identifying faces, text, number plates, objects and logos they can help businesses quickly and easily incorporate photos and videos from smartphone devices into their own app, business or workflow.