Investment Companies

Company Sector Business Summary
2iC Limited Software
2iC produces innovative software that is used to join systems that were not originally designed to work together. The proven software enables flexible coordination across old and new digital systems that are usually unattended, man-worn or vehicle-borne and are typically supplied by multiple vendors. Proven by the UK Ministry of Defence, 2iC now seek to rapidly scale the business both internationally and in new sectors principally around Defence & Security and the Industrial Internet of Things.
BioSystems Technology Life Sciences and Healthcare
BioSystems Technology provides low cost, high-throughput, ethical solutions for researchers who require alternatives to animal testing. The company provides non-mammalian systems that address scientific needs while minimising the regulatory burden and ethical issues concerning the use of experimental animals. Its alternative systems are cheaper, capable of increasing statistical power and results can be obtained more quickly.
BluPoint Ltd Information Technology
BluPoint has developed a platform solution that uniquely provides free community access to digital materials on any phone connected to its solar-powered pop-up Intranet. Its solution consists of a cloud platform to author and adapt digital content that links periodically with its networks of BluPoint hubs, which can operate in harsh environments with no reliable electricity supply and no, or intermittent, Internet access.
Buyapowa Limited Referral Marketing Technology
Buyapowa is Europe’s leading customer referral marketing platform that helps leading brands and retailers identify their key customer advocates and motivate them to drive sales, subscriptions, downloads and registrations by referring friends and colleagues. Its clients can design, launch, manage and analyse referral marketing campaigns all from an easy to use interface. It uses a unique combination of smart rewards, gamification and communal targets to generate great results for its clients.
Clever Medical  Healthcare
Clever Medical will demonstrate its integrated, digital urine diagnostic system, featuring a sealed capsule, that provides accurate results at a lower cost than the widely used dipstick method. Its urinalysis system is more hygienic and easy to use, with results that can be directly uploaded to patient’s electronic notes.
ExpoPlatform Ltd
Software and Web Development
The company has developed two products: ExpoPlatform™ is an innovative, business-networking platform for events that builds a community similar to a social network around an event. StandPilot™ is a management system to allow exhibitors to capture leads; instantly send emails to stand visitors; build, manage and track a team’s schedules; showcase products in an interactive product catalogue; and manage stand building activities.
EZ Education Ltd Education
EZ Education Ltd is the inventor of DoodleMaths, the top-grossing primary maths app in the UK. DoodleMaths is a learning system that adapts to an individual child’s evolving strengths and weaknesses, and is guaranteed to deliver measureable improvements. As a mobile app, DoodleMaths is designed to be used for a few minutes daily, anytime, anywhere.
Infrasure Ltd SaaS
Infrasure’s ‘White Label' App and back-end solution gives Insurers speed to market to launch innovative digital insurance services that engage end users through their Smartphones.  Our Telematics software helps Drivers reduce their policy costs by improving their driving skills; our unique photo processing work-flows help insurers detect vehicle and ID fraud. The same capability is applicable to other areas of insurance including travel, home and contents insurance.
Inova Design Solutions Ltd Life Sciences
Inova has created Bodytrak™, a miniature wearable device that monitors a suite of health and performance indicators and sends accurate data to users in real-time via a smart phone, smart watch or internet hub. Bodytrak™ has wide-reaching benefits: in sport it will enable improved performance, in defence it will enable quicker intervention of medical emergencies, and in healthcare reduce the resource burden of chronic illnesses.
Kelda Showers Showers
Kelda Showers has developed an advanced shower technology based on aerospace principles. Its patented Kelda Eco Power Shower is capable of doubling a shower-spray experience, creating a cost effective ‘power shower’ and alternatively a large reduction in water and energy consumption. A Kelda Shower can use 50% of the water and energy of conventional showers, resulting in halving carbon emissions, water, and energy, for global markets, without any compromise in performance.
Magnage Flywheel Energy Storage (SDnC Ltd) Energy Storage
Magnage has developed a mechanical flywheel-based energy storage module. Its system can help the power grid balance supply and demand variations more efficiently, compensating for the additional power demands by instantaneously injecting power to the grid without having to use gas power stations or utilise other, more expensive, systems.
Memberoo SaaS
Memberoo has developed an interactive membership management toolkit, offering businesses and organisations the tools they need to connect, engage and learn from their customers and members in one place. Using Memberoo saves these businesses time, money and resources, provides them with improved analytics and insight and enables them to automate follow-up actions. Memberoo: membership management made easy. 
Pelipod Ltd IoT
Pelipod has developed an intelligent, connected parcel box that allows couriers and users to access using secure, unique codes for safe delivery and collection of goods. Pelipod’s are perfect for businesses, workers and people that need unattended, secure, audited and notified deliveries to their home or place of work. The system is intuitively simple to use and requires no effort, integration or changes in processes for businesses to implement and operate.
Playwaze Ltd Information Technology
Playwaze has developed an app and web product for sports clubs and groups to help them organise activities ranging from competitions to team and session management to casual play and communication. Its product is both an effective activity management platform for organisers and players and a valuable reporting tool for sports governing bodies.
Quarkmatter Ltd Software
Quarkmatter has been developed to address the challenges of processing, combining and analysing structured and unstructured data internally and externally in a big data environment. Large organisations potentially need to analyse data from 1000s of data sources in 100s of different formats. Quarkmatter provides a single web based interface to implement, manage and monitor all of these interactions. By combining data integration, metadata management, workflow, analytics and distributed data processing into a single application, Quarkmatter allows organisations to transform data processing and take control of analytic data.
RazorSecure Ltd Cyber Security
RazorSecure offers an advanced cyber-security solution designed to detect hacks against highly connected systems ranging from SMEs to planes and trains. RazorSecure's software provides real time alerts about breaches as they occur, providing an easy to manage and install breach detection system for critical infrastructure. By monitoring behavioural patterns and focusing on the integrity of services, RazorSecure can take instant action or provide alerts when it detects a breach is occurring. 
Sherlock Srl IoT for security
Sherlock is a GPS-based anti-theft device that allows cyclists to precisely locate their bicycle at any moment. In the event of theft, the device emits a sound alarm and simultaneously sends a realt-time notification to the cyclists smartphone through the Sherlock mobile app. From within the app, the user can track the position of the bike and send a theft report to the local police.
Smart Antenna Technologies Communication
Smart Antenna Technologies specialises in patented smart multiband antenna technology for portable devices and offers more functions but smaller size and lower cost. The company has designed, developed and patented highly compact offering that replaces all existing antennas, including DVB-H, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, GPS, 3G multi-bands and 4G LTE with just one. 
SoftIron Ltd Technology
SoftIron has created a range of world-first, enterprise-class ARM-based Servers and Storage Devices. Given the considerable reduction in power consumption plus the significant increase in processing and storage capacitythat SoftIron technology will potentially bring about, the start-up is set to make a significant contribution to the ICT Storage sector and low carbon economy globally; and grow a UK-based export-driven technology business that could make a significant global impact.
Xylostream Technology Ltd
Media and Entertainment Infrastructure
Xylostream is making it possible for media entertainment companies to deliver 4K TV / Ultra HD, by doubling network efficiency using Xylostream’s compression products developed to the new HEVC standard. The company has developed its own proprietary algorithms and has taken a new high performance computing approach which is unique in the industry. Online Video Platforms, Satellite and Cable TV providers will all be adding 4K TV services as a new way of competing for premium customers.
YellowDog Limited Outsourced rendering services for 3D animators and artists
YellowDog is a revolution in rendering for 3D animators. Its service releases the spare power from people’s computers, giving them, or their chosen charity, money for doing nothing while at the same time giving animators their own personal supercomputer to make rendering faster, better and easier.

Growth companies

Company Sector Business Summary
Cascoda Cleantech Semiconductors
Cascoda has designed and developed a radio device that delivers communication with the range of WiFi (whole-house), but for the power consumption of Bluetooth Low Energy (single-cell).  This technology is based on a wireless protocol called ZigBee® for use in home, building and industrial automation.  The technology is a key enabler for the 'internet of things'.  The projected market size is 2.5 Billion devices by 2015.
Fourth State Medicine Ltd Medical Devices
Fourth State Medicine Ltd is developing a hand held gas plasma device for use by clinicians to remove wrinkles primarily from facial skin, addressing a $7bn market globally. The device has shown excellent trial results and gained significant interest from practising Consultants, and traction with distributors due for release in June 2016. A further development of the device will be used for wound treatment. Beneficial effects of using the device include killing of resistant bacteria (e.g. MRSA) and improvement in skin condition. The company has already received investment of £700k (including investment from the NHS), is EIS qualified and now seeking a further £250k immediate funding in early 2016 prior to a larger funding round of circa £1M when revenue generating to facilitate exploitation in new geographies.
Green Running Ltd Energy
Green Running has developed a technology called the eGenius™ that uses Artificial Intelligence to help homes monitor, analyse and manage their energy consumption. It has the ability to provide real-time bill breakdown and usage information to an individual appliance level via a smartphone or tablet device. Already well established in the commercial market, Green Running has provided their energy monitoring system to the likes of the Crowne Plaza Group, Jaguar Land Rover and Scottish Power Energy Networks. Investors include Ignite; the Social Investment arm of Centrica and owners of British Gas.

ICURe Teams

Team Summary
Anti-Inflammatory Agent
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is the third largest killer worldwide but there are currently no effective disease modifying treatments to prevent the worsening of this disease.  In this and other inflammatory lung diseases, there is a deficiency of the natural anti-inflammatory protein “SP-D”.  We have developed an innovative way to easily produce the functional part of anti-inflammatory SP-D and are looking to develop it as a new therapy.
Biopsys Information withheld, for any enquiries please contact Emilie King.
KETS: Integrated Quantum Cryptography 
KETS is a quantum encryption venture offering the highest levels of communications security using the power of quantum mechanics. We have used the integrated quantum photonics pioneered at the Centre for Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol to develop the world’s first chip based quantum encryption device. KETS offers a unique solution that vastly outperforms the standard encryption infrastructure that underpins the data security that is critical to a huge number of businesses and markets including payments, governments, defence and even critical infrastructure. Uptake of our technology will ensure the utmost security in communications in an increasingly unsafe digital landscape.
myPace is an evidence-based, digital communication solution that enables sustainable behaviour change by enhancing the relationship between health and wellness providers and their clients. myPace engages clients in achieving and consolidating personal goals. Providers can increase the value and range of their services. An emerging technology from the University of Bath, myPace enables personalised communication and generates useful and usable data. myPace is targeted at clinical care, occupational health & wellness and athlete support. 
Email [email protected] for details.
TomogTech provides ability of “seeing inside” through multidimensional “super-sensing”. The technology focuses on a range of tomographic imaging platforms that use non-invasive and non-intrusive methods to provide information about underlying industrial process or structures. Electrical tomography uses capacitance/impedance/inductance measurements to calculate the distribution of passive electrical properties over the sensing region, allowing images of the distribution to be plotted. Electrical tomography is low cost, as well as being significantly fast and completely non-destructive. The high speed of electrical tomographic methods provides unique information by allowing monitoring inside of processes and systems that is impossible with any other tools.