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AccurIC Ltd

Electronic and Lighting
AccurIC’s constant current LED driver technology delivers ultra-deep dimming (to below 0.1% of full power), ultra low flicker (0.1 to 0.8% at 100/120Hz) and high power factor/low THD at all points of the dimming curve. AccurIC’s patented solutions deliver better performance than incandescent light bulbs in terms of flicker and dimming and lower THD at all points in the dimming curve than alternative LED driver technologies.  Its solutions will drive any AC powered LED lamp or luminaire from 8W to 200W. Its technologies are patented in 50 countries around the world so far including the European Patent Area, the USA and China. It will launch its own Driver IC and a range of external LED drivers next year. It is also seeking LED lamp and driver makers who wish to license its technology.

Custodian Solutions


Custodian Solutions has developed a global award winning anti-counterfeiting cloud platform to enable investigations, secure evidence, win legal cases and develop intelligence. The company’s cloud provides advanced security for businesses and allows them to protect themselves from counterfeiting.
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Dashboard Ltd

Industrial Monitoring
Dashboard has created a solution for the oil and gas industry that uses continuous real-time monitoring and harnesses innovations in electronics manufacturing, communications and enterprise cloud technologies. Its technology means that petrochemical pipeline leaks and ruptures, which result from structural failure, corrosion, vandalism or theft, can be reported at any time from any place in the world.

Dynamon Ltd

Transport Software
Fuel is the largest cost for road transport companies, and business margins are extremely small. Therefore, reliable fuel savings are the best approach for improving margins whilst also reducing emissions. However, it is currently too complex for transport companies to understand which fuel saving products they should be investing in. This results in wasted fuel and unnecessary environmental impact. Dynamon is solving this problem using both big data and analytics. Dynamon has developed an analytics service targeted at identifying fuel saving opportunities in road transport. Dynamon’s software combines numerous datasets, including telematics data, and using simulation methods can identify which operational changes and fuel saving technologies transport companies should invest in. This enables them to optimise their fleets, reducing emissions and maximising business margins. Dynamon’s service is sold as SaaS direct to transport companies and licensed as a value-added service to telematics providers. 
Event Management Software
EventHalo is a free-to-use event management system designed for outdoor events, from large music festivals, air shows and county fairs, to farmers markets and craft fairs. It automates high-volume processes including booking on-site vendors, suppliers, volunteers and attractions, offers end-to-end digital procurement from requisitions to asset tagging and GPS tracking, and supports unified ticketing across, public, crew and guests, from mobile box office to crew catering. 

Express Healthcare

Digital tools to create capacity for medical imaging through the automation of analysis and manual reporting, in health systems that are seeing unprecedented demand, to ensure patients are treated promptly and equally for the best outcome. With seamless integration to healthcare infrastructure and systems, images are automatically analysed and reported in real time for results at the point-of-care to improve real-time clinical decision making. 

Fresh Relevance Ltd

Marketing Technology
Fresh Relevance is the marketing hub for online retailers. Customers today expect Amazon-like personalisation. We power this personalized customer experience and increase sales by 5-20%. Shoppers enjoy personalized, deeply engaging interactions with the brand on email, mobile and web. Marketers control the real-time customer experience with our cost-effective platform, using an unrivalled range of contextual marketing tools.

Grid Edge Ltd

Energy and Internet of Things
Our software solution is a bolt-on to the existing building energy management systems (BEMS) within large commercial and public sector buildings. The software contains all the necessary intelligent algorithms to enable BEMS to easily handle the increasingly complex demands place on them by building owners, operators or externally through: time of use tariffs, demand side response or carbon efficiency targets. Grid Edge have secured commercial trials with multiple ‘blue chip’ companies starting later this year.
Inclusive Media Solutions Ltd  Social Care
Inclusive Media Solutions has created EasyVideo, which enables adults with learning disabilities to scan household items with any smart device and it plays a video of how to use it. It has the potential to help the 180,000 people with learning disabilities in the UK become independent and reduce the need for paid care. EasyVideo records its use and provides the paying client with analytical data to demonstrate its effectiveness at supporting their service users independence.

Inductosense Ltd

We have developed novel, battery-free, wireless sensors that can be permanently fixed to a structure for inspection through-out it's life. Our technology reduces time, downtime and costs associated with inspection of safety critical structures, such as refineries, nuclear plants or aircraft. More frequent and accurate measurements are possible using our sensors. This leads to additional safety benefits and enables the customer to optimise the performance of their asset. The sensors can also be embedded into a structure to identify defects that existing methods cannot detect. Remote monitoring is possible with a internet of things module and data analysis available via a cloud-based platform.

Jook LTD

Fashion and Beauty
Jook is the world’s first and only peer-to-peer fashion and beauty marketplace where users don’t have to see/rent the products they own to make money, but can do so out of their ability to influence others by making their Instagram shoppable. The company has developed an app to make it easy for people to buy outfits they love on Instagram, meaning users are only three taps from inspiration to purchase. 


Education Technology
Kinderly has developed an app for childminders and nurseries to help reduce the amount of paperwork and time spent in adhering to a statutory government framework regulated by Ofsted. Childcare practices have been digitised, and nursery managers and parents are able to keep track of the developmental milestones of children from a web-based interface.
Milkalyser Ltd
Milkalyser is a patent protected system of measuring milk progesterone during the milking of cows that will revolutionise dairy cow fertility management. The system will allow dairy farmers to keep the best cows for long healthy lives and can be retrofitted to existing milking parlours.


Digital, Health and Well-being
Move is a subscription marketplace platform to the $500bn healthy living market. Created by second time successful fitness tech entrepreneur, the product offers easy access to gyms, classes and activities. Think 'Spotify' for physical activity. Move is doing £3.5M run rate from just a couple of UK cities, is cashflow positive and poised for rapid growth across UK and US.


Food and Drink

The Ordoo app enables customers to order and pay in advance at their favourite cafes, coffee shops, lunch spots and bars to beat the queue and earn loyalty rewards. The digital ordering platform streamlines laborious ordering and payment processes so their partner venues can serve more customers during busy periods.
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Propagator Ltd

Propagator is developing a suite of ‘Living With a long-term condition’ digital solutions to help reduce the costs of care for public and private healthcare providers and improve outcomes for patients with long-term conditions such as back pain, arthritis, lung cancer and mental health issues. It enables patients to manage and monitor their own conditions much more effectively with personalised information, interactive tools, goal tracking and communications and it provides clinicians with clinically validated Patient Outcome Measures (PROMs) to help them deliver the right interventions in a timely manner. 

Red Skies Technology

Transport and FinTech
Red Skies Technology is helping to improve use of public transport in developing countries with its GPS controlled transport payment system, called YoSafari. The system aims to prevent local commuters being forced to pay different fares depending on operator, time of day, and demand in the network, by using cash free travel cards. It also helps authorities collect data on commuter trends. 
SAL Scientific Ltd  Life Science
Sal Scientific provide cell biology research services and products designed to meet the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. The company provides innovative products and services to accelerate cell biology research, enhancing data quality and R&D productivity to reduce drug development costs. 

SEaB Energy 

SEaB Energy has created the FLEXIBUSTER™ and MUCKBUSTER®, localised small-scale waste-to-energy plants which convert organic waste into carbon-free heat and electricity, with water and nutrient-rich fertiliser as by-products. The systems offer a disruptive on-site alternative to conventional, centralised waste-processing methods, removing the necessity, associated costs and carbon emissions of transporting waste to centralised processing plants.
Utonomy Ltd
Utonomy has developed innovative technology to address the problem of leakage in gas distribution networks. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, which means it’s critically important to keep leakage to a minimum. Utonomy technology reduces average pressure in the network by over 20% resulting in 20% lower leakage while improving customer service. This reduces harmful methane emissions as well as lowering operating costs and giving networks a three-year payback.
Visual Atoms Ltd Digital, Mobile, Media and Software
Visual Atoms delivers cutting edge computer vision and visual recognition solutions for markets including media, security and data hosting. The company's product, FIND, is a high-speed, high-accuracy visual recognition and search solution. It matches images and videos depicting the same objects or scenes based on visual similarities without manual annotations or metadata. It has applications in a diverse range of fields, including media production, surveillance and data hosting.

VRGo Limited

Consumer Electronics, Gaming Accessories and VR

VRGO has created a wireless motion controlled chair for use with virtual reality games. The VRGo chair, is a highly-responsive input device that works with virtual reality on PC, mobile and console devices, designed to fit perfectly into typical living spaces. The chair is very intuitive and allows users to move freely through VR by tilting forward and twisting while keeping your hands free.
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ICURe Innovation to Commercialisation Zone

Project name Description

When dating online, finding a potential partner is easy; however, finding someone appropriate can be very difficult. Online dates fail twice as much as those arranged through more traditional means. Online dating companies currently provide no evidence for their approaches, based upon answers to time-consuming questionnaires. In contrast, Entwine proposes to use recently-developed psychological techniques to measure users’ emotional reactions, combined with state-of-the-art machine-learning, to rapidly identify the most appropriate partners. Based on the dynamics of finger swipes, we propose that emotion-based matching will deliver more appropriate and reliable matches in a more convenient and efficient way than the competition.

Hydrogel cell encapsulation for hypothermic cell storage

Our alginate cell encapsulation technology can provide novel ambient temperature storage of live cells for short-term storage and transport, increasing the shelf-life of cells and cell-based products.


Renovos, a new UK regenerative medicine venture, is capitalising on decades of world-class orthopaedic research from the University of Southampton. Regenerative medicine holds the promise of transforming patients’ lives and treating injuries and degenerative diseases, in a market worth over $2bn for orthobiologics alone. Renovos will address the needs of research, clinicians and patients by offering products (stem cells), services (high-value assays), and therapeutics (proprietary clay-gel drug delivery technologies). Our clay-gel technology combines biological agents in a one-step, chemical-free procedure, offering proven localised delivery for step-changes in their safety and efficacy, to ultimately treat patients more easily, cost-effectively and safely.


Trueinvivo develops micro silica (glass bead) radiation detectors and automated reader systems that make cancer radiotherapy treatments more accurate. Radiotherapy today uses highly shaped beams of radiation to match the patient’s