The following companies have applied to take part in the Accelerating Growth Investment Showcase 2018, on 5th December. These 24 companies have been selected from an original pool of 45 start-ups and will now take part in pitch practice events, with a final selection of approximately 20 companies being chosen to pitch at the Investment Showcase.

Company name

Business Summary

Azul Optics

Azul Optics is about to go market with a new optometry device that will help opticians reduce age-related Macular Degeneration worldwide.

Beaconsoft Limited

Beacon Improves digital marketing ROI with our AI-based analytics and insights platform, uniquely delivering accurate post-to-profit attribution across all digital channels.  @nigel_bridges

Cortirio Limited 

Cortirio is developing portable brain imaging to enable faster treatment for head injuries, reducing disability and saving lives.

Eventz International Corporation Ltd  - A global events planning, publishing and marketing platform (SAAS) for smart cities, local governments and travel & tourism offices. 


Fable are connecting the world through audio by transforming the way that podcasts are accessed, discovered and shared. 


Fantastec Sports Technology Ltd 

Fantastec creates lifelong and valued bonds between globally-distanced sports fans, and the teams and players they love.  @FantastecSport 


Book a professional gardener or garden designer in seconds. Making beautiful gardens easy for everyone.  @fastgardener


Fundsurfer is a crowdfunding & investment company which helps entrepreneurs secure the funding needed to build their companies and projects. Funding options include Crowdfunding/Seed - Series A-E and pre-IPO financing.  @fundsurfer


For all the industries that require lighter composite material structures and automated and cost-effective production, iCOMAT has developed a patented process that enables a structural performance and cost competitiveness that exceeds the capabilities of the state-of-the-art processes. 



Immersionn, a Virtual Reality exploration engine (Web VR). We allow people to become virtual travellers and discover freely things they would never know. We aim for VR resources to be universally accessible from the internet and from any mobile device.

Industrial Phycology 

I-PHYC works with wastewater producers to use the power of algae at industrial scales for treatment of effluents and recovery of valuable materials they contain.  @IndPhycologyDM


LUX is the Air Miles of the restaurant world. A premium rewards scheme app for high-quality restaurants and bars to attract and retain corporate diners.  @LUX_Rewards


Metasonics is a company that develops the next generation of customised, scalable acoustic metamaterials, changing the way we use and interact with sound.  @MetasonicsCo

pplus skin care Ltd 

Revolutionary bespoke skin product developed based on a pioneering regenerative technology with the main ingredient coming from client’s own blood, relevant to two multi multi-billion-dollar markets: cosmetic and wound care.  @pplusproducts

SAL Scientific Limited

We provide innovative products and services to accelerate cell biology research, enhancing data quality and R&D productivity to reduce drug development costs.  @SALScientific

Secure Harvests Ltd

A crop development company using advanced biotech to produce innovative new crop varieties.

Snap Tech Ltd

Revolutionizing ecommerce and publishing using world-class visual search and discovery tools, powered by proprietary AI and computer-vision.  @snaptech

StatsBomb Services Ltd

Leveraging our proprietary data, best-in-class analytics, technology & expertise, StatsBomb will be the most innovative sports data company.  @statsbomb

Think Cyber Security

Think Cyber Security offer the next generation in Security Awareness. Their highly innovative RedFlags™ software applies behavioural and learning science theory, to deliver context-sensitive just-in-time guidance.  @thinkcyberuk

Tickitto AI

Tickitto is your AI assistant helping you discover personalised experiences, activities and attractions whilst travelling.


For Chefs, Restaurateurs & unique speciality food producers around the world, Todelli is the online curated fine food and drinks marketplace that disrupts the traditional supply chain by connecting members directly.  @todellisocial

Trueinvivo Ltd

A radiation measurement company that makes treatment safer for thousands of patients worldwide who get damaged or failed by radiotherapy.  @trueinvivo

Vitamica Ltd

Better targeting of antibiotics to fight common infections is promised with novel bacterial vibration test from Bristol start-up Vitamica.  @VitamicaAMR 


VONCRANK connects cyclist to mobile bicycle mechanics through an app. When your bike breaks down or needs a service, think the AA for bicycles. No more time wasted going to the bike shop and more time riding with mechanics coming to your work or home.  @voncrank