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Sound Recognition 

Braci is a sound recognition platform that detects and converts sounds that happen around us in to sensory and visual notifications through smart devices back to the wearer/user. This technology relies on converting sounds into digital fingerprints and allowing these fingerprints to be recognised and matched using the microphones on smart devices.
From this technology Braci has empowered several applications and packages, with a main focus on the SoundAlert application and packages. The technology can be applied in many different sectors, including healthcare, assistive care, automotive, industrial and other industries.
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Custodian Solutions

Custodian Solutions has developed a SAAS (Software as a Service) to manage investigations, evidence, legal cases and intelligence. The company’s cloud provides advanced security for businesses and allows them to be protected from counterfeiting as well as insecure and incomplete evidence. Custodian has also developed a suite of products in collaboration with large corporates, academics and technology specialists to protect brands.
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Medical Technology - Cardiovascular
Diasolve is dedicated to improving coronary artery investigations, for cardiologists and their patients, by developing smart devices which improve PCI guidance procedures such as FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve). FFR normally involves a pressure wire together with a high-dose of intravenous adenosine. Diasolve will be the first to make it routinely possible to deliver the drug and device directly into the coronary arteries simultaneously. Intracoronary (IC) Infusion of adenosine can deliver superior hyperemia compared to standard IV infusion, using a fraction of the dose and with reduced delays and patient discomfort. This can lead to better treatment decisions.
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Electronic MAR Health and Social Care Electronic MAR has created a platform for workers in social health care to fill out medical administration record (MAR) sheets electronically. Paper MAR sheets cost the health and social care sector £1.02billion annually due to errors, with 15.6million hours lost by managerial staff counting up paperwork. Electronic MAR’s current customers reported no medication errors last year, with significant time savings on audits.
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Fourth State Medicine
Leveraging state-of-the-art space technology, Fourth State Medicine has created a wrinkle-busting plasma pen. The product is already endorsed by several Harley Street surgeons and academics, thanks to the fact that it is the only device that can address deep periocular and upper lip areas. As well as applications in the $21billion skin resurfacing and wrinkle removal market, the same product can be used to treat ulcers, burns, bed sores and military wounds. 
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Hip Impact Protection

Healthcare - Medical Devices
Hip Impact Protection (HIP) has created hip protectors to be worn by the elderly, to prevent almost all hip fractures. HIP has developed a comfortable and user-friendly approach with breathable adhesive film to hold the pad in place on the hip, as well as encompassing within the pad the best automatic falls detection and activity monitoring device. It links to a mobile to send alarm messages.

Jupiter Diagnostics

Medical Diagnostics
Jupiter Diagnostics has developed a method for faster and cheaper blood testing, using a low-cost handheld reader. The patented technology can replace the lab, delivering similar quality results in ten minutes from a prick of blood and at a third of the price. Jupiter Diagnostics’ first products are for the £100million IVF test market and has confirmed interest from private IVF clinics.
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Kemuri Technology Vulnerable people, families, carers, public services and housing associations install Kemuri Smart Power sockets.  Machine learning helps to identify the risk of unattended falls, dehydration, malnutrition and hypothermia.  Vulnerable people are automatically checked every hour for changes in patterns of normal activity, with alerts after a threshold level is reached.   Older people can live independently longer in their own homes.  Kemuri gives peace of mind to people with a duty of care, who know from a distance that a service user is mobile, drinking, eating and warm.
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Medcura Technologies  IT Healthcare 
Medcura Technologies Ltd has developed an innovative software solution that manages the full IV aseptic and clinical trial preparation process within Hospital Pharmacies to reduce error, save money and improve efficiency. Currently, cancer rates are rising by 10% year on year and drug costs are increasing exponentially. Medcura Technologies’ software is provided to hospital pharmacies, to create a safer and more efficient IV drug preparation process.
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Morgan Innovation & Technology 

Medical Innovation & Manufacturing
Morgan Innovation & Technology has created the MIDAS system: a specially designed glove, using patented components to give multiple sensations to the limb and project virtual images onto a screen, allowing users to play games and take part in interactive scenarios. The MIDAS system can be used in stroke rehabilitation as the haptic feedback devices provide a missing dimension. Stroke recovery is dependent on therapy, and the MIDAS system helps to retrain the neural pathways (plasticity).
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NEXA Medical Ltd

Medical, wound care
NEXA Medical has developed a new method of delivering negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) designed specifically for mobile patients suffering from chronic leg and foot ulcers, such as those caused by diabetes. The NEXA NPWT device uses a unique fluid pump technology and pressure regulation system that greatly simplifies the delivery of NPWT to the patient. This significantly reduces manufacturing costs and improves the usability of the device. Access password is: NEXA100
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Smart Cities, Smart Health
NquiringMinds has created CARESHARE, which will implement a dynamic, shared-economy marketplace for domiciliary care services. The solution helps carers co-ordinate the support of their elderly dependents and will provide alerts and co-ordination tools to friends, family, neighbours and charities free of charge. Regular, paid-for domiciliary care will be provided through the CARESHARE marketplace by matching needs of elderly residents with local trusted care providers.
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Open Bionics Robotics / Med Tech
Open Bionics is a multi-awarding robotics company developing and democratising assistive technologies that enhance the human body. Founded in 2014, Open Bionics has been recognised internationally for their ground-breaking developments in the field of bionic hands. There are over 11 million amputees around the world and Open Bionics is the first company to build bionic hands with advanced functionality that cater to children as young as 8, weigh and cost less than competitive products, and that are fashionable. Open Bionics launches their first bionic prosthetic hand this year for children and adults in the style of Iron Man, Star Wars, and Frozen characters. Open Bionics has successfully sold over 200 robotic hand developer kits since March 2016.
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Propagator Ltd

Digital Health
Propagator is now developing a suite of digital products to help the 15million people in the UK with chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, lung cancer, hypertension and mental health issues, live better lives. We enable patients to manage and monitor their own condition(s) much more effectively, while saving costs for healthcare providers. Our “Living with a chronic condition” single modular cloud based technology framework, which is app and web based, can be configured for any Provider and any chronic condition.
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Quvium UK

Digital Health

The Quvium is providing the world’s first personalised early warning system against respiratory attacks. The company has brought together smart remote listening hardware and artificial intelligence-enabled software to create an always-on on, passive monitor that works as an early warning system of an exacerbation. The device is wearable for people with asthma, cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and reduces visits to A&E and hospitalisation.
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Digital Health  
Veloscient Ltd is on a mission to win back up to a day of lost patient facing time a week - with its mobile notes solution. This allows Veloscient’s users to focus on their patients by eliminating typing. This is all made possible by a breakthrough in the user interface design, which captures narratives, clinical pathways and expressive logic in a mobile app. Because the knowledge is captured it can be shared – so Veloscient’s Hub is collaborative knowledge platform powered by the collective intelligence of its users.
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