SETsquared Investment ShowcaseSETsquared's annual Investment Showcase has become a must attend event for investors in high tech, high growth start-ups. Hosted in London, it's a fantastic showcase of SETsquared's latest crop of cutting-edge ventures seeking investment, from across the five incubation centres.

This is a highly successful event where companies have the opportunity to explore potential funding with a large and wide-ranging group of investors. In the last ten years, the showcased companies have raised over £120m.

Companies learn a great deal through this exposure to the investment community. Some companies, on reflection, feel that growth through previously established revenue streams are more appropriate. Others concentrate on gaining initial customer orders to strengthen their value to investors before formally approaching this community.

From Left to Right: Dr David Milne, Founder and Director of Wolfson Microelectronics plc  Tim Morgan, Managing Director of Mountain Trike, and  Professor Eric Thomas, Vice Chancellor, University of Bristol  The investors themselves find the event an attractive proposition as they get to see a large quanity of high quality propositions at one event. They recognise that the support SETsquared provides for these companies and know that they are going to be presented with high quality investment-ready opportunities.

The audience is predominantly made up of active investors in early-stage high -technology ventures including business angels, specialist venture capitalists, high net-worth individuals and corporate financiers. There is also a small number of government funding specialists.

Selecting the companies to exhibit:

A SETsquared supported company has the opportunity to participate in a series of investor readiness seminars that help them to prepare. We then hold selection days where each company gives a ten-minute pitch to a panel of external investors and experienced entrepreneurs. From this, we select around 20 companies to exhibit and a maximum of six companies to present. Each selected company is given further support to prepare materials to exhibit and further hone their pitches.

Please email us with any enquiries about the event.