Companies at the Investment Showcase:
Annotag: Video indexing and virtual events technology that enables users to intelligently record, tag, search and share live or pre-recorded content.
Antaco: Cost effective, sustainable, carbon efficient process to create high heat value coal replacement from biomass.
AppCast: Internal communications channel for companies, based on cloud-based administrative suite and app for employees’ mobile devices. 
Bardowl: Mobile service streaming audiobooks from major publishers to smartphones or tablets.  You can also download Bardowl's presentation.
Bioinduction: Neuromodulation devices for Parkinson’s disease and other chronic neurological disorders.
Cognisess: Enterprise 'Talent Intelligence' platform enabling companies to identify, recruit, manage and improve their human capital.
CrisisVu: Unique and game-changing online monitoring tool - presenting online conversations in a visually intuitive, real-time mindmap to deliver exceptional clarity.
eCow: Cow health monitoring for the dairy industry with real time wireless data feedback, helping to improve animal welfare and profits for farmers.  You can also download the eCow presentation.
Findsyou: Online service to match buyers and suppliers; a new take on search and classifieds initially trialled in car market as  You can also download the FindsYou presentation.
Hybrid Logic: Self-healing web hosting platform to improve reliability for the cloud and web hosting industry.  You can also download the Hybrid Logic presentation.
Ikle: Real-time business intelligence for professional and financial services.
Mindings: Service to enable people to send personal, captioned photos, text, reminders and more from their mobile phone to a digital display - Facebook for the technology-shy!
MrMash Ltd: Interactive video platform that allows users to create personal areas within videos and share via social media.
Paralant: Development tools for high performance and power efficient applications on smart-phones, tablets, desktops and cloud computers.
Red Skies Technology: Location based service that provides an e-ticketing/travel card system with tracking ability for informal urban transport operators in developing countries.
SEaB Energy: Portable device which converts organic waste to electricity, heat and fertiliser using a simple biological process.
Sibdocity: Integrated data analysis helping companies to easily analyse, share and trace data across multiple sources.
Somnium: Disruptive solutions for ARM based embedded software development.
Triggered Messaging: Helps online retailers increase online sales with real-time behavioural communication and reduced cart-abandonment.
Venture Photonics: High-speed optical data switching for the internet, telecoms networks, large data networks and supercomputers.