The SETsquared Partnership is a collaboration of five research-intensive universities - Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey. Between them, these universities employ 7,400 academics, receive between 8 and 10% of the UK’s higher education research budget and file around 10% of the total UK universities’ patents.  

SETsquared strongly welcomed Sir Andrew Witty’s Review of Universities and Growth published in 2013, which recognised that universities have extraordinary potential to enhance economic growth.”

For many years, each of the SETsquared universities has cultivated an environment which is conducive to academics commercialising their research and working with industry. To this end, each has a specialist team in place to facilitate this process and to ensure the impact of the combined research portfolios is maximised for social and economic benefit.

The Partnership plays an important role in bringing these research, enterprise and innovation teams together to share ideas and best practices. Much more then just a talking shop, this practical, hands on forum establishes innovative new projects and smart ways of collaborating across universities.