Please see a selection of ICURe case studies below.

Accelercomm offers game-changing technologies to enable 5G wireless systems to be 10-times faster than 4G, laying down the foundations for the future of wireless applications and services. Download the Accelercomm case study.

Azul Optics is developing a newtechnology to assess the amount of macular pigment present in the eye. Download the Azul Optics case study.

Biosystems provides low cost and high output ethical solutions for researchers who require alternatives to animal testing. Download the Biosystems case study.

BluPoint provides free access to digital content and services for communities living without the internet. Download the BluPoint case study.

Grid Edge's Artificial Intelligence software develops intelligent insight and control strategies to help public and  commercial building owners  understand and reduce their energy consumption and in turn save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Download the Grid Edge case study.

Inductosense has developed compact, wireless sensors for the fast, repeatable detection of cracks, corrosion or defects in structures or products. Download the Inductosense case study.

Interface Polymer's unique Polarfin(c) additive technology is able to modify the properties of common plastics to enable them to stick to and mix with other materials. Download the Interface Polymers case study.

Mirror Therapies is using virtual reality to provide enhanced motor visualisation of a missing limb to support the treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees. Download the Mirror Therapies case study.

Trimunocor has developed a novel way to easily produce large quantities of the functional part of surfactant protein D (rfhSP-D) for the treatment and prevention of inflammatory lung disease. Download the Trimunocor case study.

Zeetta that has developed an innovative software approach to network solutions. NetOs® is designed to break vendor-lock-ins using a unique open networking platform enabling the fast and efficient deployment of services such as ultra-HD video distribution, city-wide Wi-Fi and the Internet of Things (IoT). Download the Zeetta case study.