Achieve competitive advantage through new innovation

SETsquared’s Scale-Up Programme offers an exciting innovation prospect for corporate organisations. Get ahead of the competition and find innovative companies that are generating revenue and are ready to scale.

Benefits to your organisation:

Opportunities for new product development, investment and acquisitions
The Scale-Up Programme supports companies which are developing leading-edge technologies, these have the potential to help you develop new products and services and reshape and streamline your existing processes and offering.
Driving R&D
Innovation drives the growth of corporate organisations. Companies engaged in the Scale-Up Programme can enhance your R&D operations, helping you diversify and develop new products and services faster.
Find innovative companies easily
SETsquared has an unrivalled track record for nurturing technology companies – so you are assured of only being presented with the highest quality opportunities. Our new Digital Marketplace (coming soon) which will enable you to review companies via an online platform.
Companies that will help you generate new revenue & cost savings
As well as enhancing your products and services, the innovation that the scale-up companies are creating could help you streamline your internal processes helping deliver time and cost savings.
Competitive advantage
Be at the forefront by gaining access to proven technologies before they come to market.

We are working with scale-ups in the following sectors:

How you can engage

There are three different levels at which corporates can engage with the Scale-Up Programme.

  1. Supporter: Part of the network and Digital Marketplace, able to search for and contact companies who are of interest, and able to send out challenges / information about your innovation programmes directly to scale-ups.
  2. Sponsor: As above with the added ability to send specific marketing around your events and services (eg free cloud hosting, legal services etc) directly to the scale-ups plus an annual event / showcase focused on your innovation themes.
  3. Partner: At partner level, we will run a programme or cohort focused on your sector with up to 10 scale-ups, which culminates with the ‘winning’ scale-up working with you on a structured pilot and/ or investment programme.

The SETsquared Scale-up Programme enabled hofer powertrain to work with the University of Bristol for the first time, this added a new research dimension to a £40 million automotive project that will be at the heart of hofer’s UK growth plans.

William Hartley, Managing Director, hofer powertrain UK Ltd 

Get in touch

To get involved in the Sacle-Up Programme and to find out more about the scale-up companies being supported, contact Jake Ronay