The SETsquared Partnership creates bespoke packages of business support in order to help each start-up company supported become a viable, profitable and thriving businesses.

Each centre has evolved its own blend of support to suit the companies it works with and the local sector strengths, but examples of support provided include:

Matching each venture with mentors

Each SETsquared centre is staffed with experienced people who are totally dedicated to helping companies grow. Whilst they provide day-to-day support, research has shown that the most successful entrepreneurs had someone to coach and advise them when they started out, so each start-up is also carefully matched with a team of mentors who can provide specialisms and expertise – be it marketing, legal, IP or financial advice – whatever is required. SETsquared mentors are generally people who have started their own businesses and raised finance, so are highly experienced and provide their expertise on a pro bono basis, adding a huge amount on value.

A mentor will usually act as a coach and facilitator rather than a decision taker. Although, if the relationship works well, ventures may want to develop the mentor's role into a more formal management, board or advisory position.

You will find a mentor case study in the resources section at the bottom of the page.

Business review panels

The purpose of business review panels is to help keep companies on track and provide some strategic advice. Most ventures at a SETsquared Centre go through a business review every four months. The review panel is made up of experienced business people and SETsquared staff. Companies present their business plan along with a progress update and some key issues they would like the panel to help with.
The panel, which is carefully selected to match your business requirements, will give input to the plan, provide strategic guidance, as well as answer particular questions. Most of the ventures have found this fresh pair of eyes means the experienced panel members can point out weaknesses before they become a concern. This all helps them to swiftly progress their business.
The review is also a key part in ensuring continuation in the centre. The panel is in place to feedback to the centre director on the benefits SETsquared can bring to the venture and this will help them to decide whether the company should continue in the centre.
For further details on the review panels please see the pdf in the resources section at the bottom of the page.

International market access

SETsquared has developed strategic relationships with funding organisations in the US and also working alongside UKTI have been able to facilitate access and introductions to the US market. For more information on this aspect of our work, please get in contact.

Open innovation

SETsquared acts as a connector between corporate companies, the start-ups it supports and the research base it represents in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and the flow of ideas and innovation. Find out more about the Open Innovation initiative.

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