Google Launchpad

Launchpad provides you with the technology, events, online resources, expertise and community to launch and scale your app.

Google's mission is to provide developers with all the tools necessary to launch and scale successful apps. The Launchpad offers two different stages that successful applicants can join - 'Scale' or 'Start', a summary of each is below:


Startups in the Scale tier usually have established product-market fit, membership in an incubator or accelerator that we work closely with, referrals from Googlers in the Developer Platforms group, and favorable local media coverage or reputation.


You’re validating your idea, and have tested a prototype - take the next step to get user feedback and develop your product with Launchpad's resources:

  • 6 months of Firebase Candle plan to build realtime mobile and web apps
  • Consideration for Launchpad Week - a weeklong training bootcamp in select cities
  • 3rd party: UserTesting credits for 2 full user tests, 5 mini tests
  • 3rd party: Invisu offer creates your investor one-pager

Additionally, all startups are extended Google's resources:

  • $300 in Google Cloud Platform credits take your idea off the ground
  • AdWords promotion lets you test monetization and positioning (country restrictions apply)


Launchpad selects technology-focused startups based on their ability to articulate their product idea. Successful applications can be at any stage, but must answer the question: what problem does your product solve? Google then diversify across industry and geography. From this list, startups are selected into the "Start" or "Scale" tiers. Applicants can graduate from Start to Scale based on participation in Google's events and communities, nominations from other Googlers, and demonstrated traction (such as number of downloads or users).

For more information see the FAQ section on the Launchpad About page.

Next Steps

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