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Additive Automations

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is going to redefine how we design, look at, interact, use, create & dispose materials. It is an industrial revolution. Currently metal AM parts are being used in road cars, jet engines, military devices and more. The technology has arrived, not just for prototypes, but for functional manufactured parts.

However, metal AM is not scalable for production. For metal AM to be production ready:

a) The post-processing of built (printed) parts must transfer from a skilled, manual, unproductive, hazardous, dangerous process to an automated one.more

Aptania Limited

Aptania Limited is a software company who have developed a GDPR compliant, online SaaS based eCRM solution. Their product enables and assists companies embarking on a digital transformation by providing a centralised system to manage all of their customers and digital marketing activity. | more

Cibo App Ltd

Cibo is a smart restaurant management & payments platform for hospitality industry, providing an innovative ordering, payments & E-Money banking solution. We are utilizing block chain technology for enhancing traceability and security of orders and payments. | more


Fable make Podcast discovery simple, accessible and fun. | more

Fixxr Ltd

We are Alison and Jemma, co-founders of Fixxr Limited – a very new Tech Startup inspired by successful ‘Dragons’ Den’ wins at both #basinghack and #BSKstartup in 2016 & 2017.


HiR Sol UK Ltd

We are a highly specialised staffing and HR service company work with Legacy and rare skill. | more


Everyone deserves to look good and feel great in what they wear. Whatever their age, shape or budget. Welcome HOLM. Personalisation software for fashion brands and retailers. We match clothes to customers. Accurate recommendation from day one. Works in-store and online. Creates data set to disrupt an industry. | more

Hotel Treats is a marketplace for luxury experiences provided by selected hotels. Offering a multitude of curated treats it is the go-to site for buying treats for oneself, as well as gift vouchers.

We have also created branded online shops for clients such as Fairmont, St. Regis, and The Luxury Collection. With no setup fees and hassle-free rollout, hotels can start selling gift vouchers through their own online shops today. | more

Immersionn (360 Effects Ltd)

Immersionn is powering the freedom of mobility with Virtual Reality. Immersionn is a Web VR Destination to explore the world anywhere in the past, present and future in an instant.
We are a Publisher of Immersive News & Documentaries for Politics, Human Causes, Sports, Education, Music, Arts and Travel | more


Kuldea is an online marketplace and comparison website for home furniture and furnishings. The company is founded by Ray Wright and Deirdre Mc Gettrick who began developing the platform after experiencing difficulty furnishing their own home in 2017. | more


Muebox is a mobile application connecting musicians & creatives, enabling music artists to manage the creative process as independent musicians. | more

Mysokoni Limited

The disability/accessibility products market is growing each year, from mobility to daily living products. For consumers/carers/family members it is challenging to review and compare products as they are listed on many different websites and it is often difficult to know what products are available. is the first marketplace dedicated to the disabled/accessibility market in the UK. Our aim is to develop the Amazon of disabled/accessible products, where vendors from all other Europe and beyond can list their products and consumers can compare and purchase.

What... | more


nudgg is an independent money platform, built to solve the widespread millennial problem of apathy & confusion when it comes to money management.

The motivation for nudgg is to empower people to make smarter money choices, faster.

We do this by delivering the convenience of everything you need to make better informed decisions in one place.

Customers are able to view all their accounts in one place, make real-time intuitive comparison & consume relevant knowledge at their fingertips. Having this resource in one place, allows customers to identify the latest... | more


onPony is a digital platform that connects people traveling with people looking to send something, allowing users to earn while traveling and save on deliveries. Our goal is to transform the delivery process, creating an experience that is convenient, affordable, and beneficial for all users. | more

Owow Innovations Ltd

Builders of augmented reality experiences/apps for retail, marketing and healthcare | more


We believe managing your money should be easy, smart, transparent and quick, and there is no reason why all this can’t be consolidated on a central platform so the end user has a “One-Stop-Shop”, which gives them better visibility to their money and their net worth, as well as showing you them their credit rating to assist decisions.

We are creating the ability to not just see spending habits and how they can set themselves budgets around this, which is what most fintechs are doing today, but we also want to influence and change customer behaviour, through the utilisation of... | more


Quol is an online marketplace, creating video-on-demand, pay per view, courses with leading experts that can help improve your quality of life. | more


Data breaches cost the US Economy $64 billion each year. RazorSecure will take the pain out of securing servers, in under 60 seconds.

FireEye (one of the market leaders in data security) reports on time on detect and respond to a hack. In 2015 they reported that the average time to detect a breach was 205 days, and only 31% of businesses detect the hack themselves.

RazorSecure detects breaches in seconds, reducing the impact on businesses and the severity of the any breach. | more

RoboK Limited

RoboK is a Cambridge based start-up in computer vision.


Satchel Messaging Ltd

KAPA is a software platform for amateur sport clubs. | more


SPARC-E Ltd is focused on delivering significant optimisation to end to end IT system architecture for any businesses with IT systems who are looking to reduce IT costs and improve user experience. | more

Tabbre Ltd

Design, development and hosting of a publicly accessible scalable blockchain infrastructure using a permissioned multi-threaded blockchain. The adoption of blockchain technology is being held back because current blockchains (e.g EThereum & Bitcoin) have very limited transactional capacity (typically less than 10 tx/s) and have very high transaction charges especially if a transaction is urgent. They also process transactions slowly.
The Tabbre technology solves these three problems. | more

Tealight Hospitality Services Ltd

Tealight is a marketplace business serving two stakeholders: consumers and restaurants.

We enable personalised restaurant recommendations for consumers and deliver actionable consumer data to restaurants enabling them to personalise their service offering to maximise LTV.

Our vision is to create the next generation hospitality platform.

Tealight was founded by Tom and Ben, experienced in their fields of tech and commercial respectively.

Since inception we've achieved early traction with consumers and restaurants and run manual testing exercises indicating... | more

Teggnet : is a user generated | more

Testime Technology Ltd

An existing RF and Microwave component and test equipment business transforming its current distribution model to accelerate growth within the UK and Ireland (later the rest of Europe too). | more


uuugabuild is a mobile and web app to increase productivity and social inclusion. The platform utilised automatic matching to match temporary assignments for under-utilised employees : either somewhere else within the company or externally, vastly increasing productivity and company profits.

The application also integrates social groups into the workforce through : community engagement; up-skilling and support; and automatic matching to find the best-fit local job opportunities.



VONCRANK connects cyclist and segments of the cycling industry to mobile bike mechanics around the UK through a mobile app. Think the AA for bikes with a gig economy business model. | more