Previously supported companies Bath


Is a leading international content consultancy that works for all types of TV platforms (including satellite, cable, IPTV, OTT and mobile operators) as well as TV channels and content owners. Helping all kinds of clients, from leading media players to smaller companies, start-ups and organisations operating TV services in specialist markets, to develop and implement a winning content strategy. | more

Aerotails Limited

Founded in 2012 on the backdrop of ever increasing fuel prices and the belief that simple changes to a vehicle's design can make easy sustainable improvements. Aerotails now design, develop and produce fuel saving products for commercial vehicles. | more

Akya Limited

Supplies semiconductor intellectual property for digital signal processing with emphasis on mobile media applications. | more

Animus Technology Limited

Integrated Cloud Business Intelligence Platform

Animus enables people, projects and organisations to capture, share and rapidly exploit information and data, creating new connections and value opportunities. Our application ecosystem integrates collaboration, work flow management, analytics, visualisation, mapping, reporting and curated intelligence tools and technologies in a secure, access-controlled environment.

Our mission is to put the power of simple applied technologies at the heart of organisations, helping them adapt and deliver meaningful transformations, big and... | more

autoCAT one Ltd

AutoCAT one Ltd has anti-dazzle patent application filed in Feb 2013. Our mission is the installation of the aCAT anti-dazzle system to all new vehicles world wide. | more

Aval Solutions LLP

Is a Digital Media Marketing company focused on educating and empowering local businesses to develop and grow through successful social media strategy and the creation of inspiring and engaging digital marketing campaigns that produce a real ROI. | more


B3D designs Innovative 3D joysticks, controllers and human-machine interfaces for remote vehicles, heavy machinery and other applications.



Leading independent mobile consultancy that offers a new mobile audiobook service which allows the streaming of audiobooks to smartphones. | more

Beaufort 12

Taking and combining best of breed cloud based technologies to help businesses make financial gain. | more

BigBelly Solar Ltd

With over 15,000 units installed worldwide, Kyron and the Big Belly Compactor range are revolutionising street waste collection across the UK and internationally. Completely self-powered, BigBelly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs and because of its compaction capability it can hold six to eight times more waste than the average street bin. Increased capacity dramatically reduces collection trips by an average of 86% thereby reducing associated operational costs & carbon emissions in addition to eliminating weekend collections and overflowing bins!
Kyron completed six... | more

Camerado Limited

Career Change Coaching


CiteAb Limited

The CiteAb website allows researchers in the biological, biomedical and biotechnology fields to easily identify antibodies ( a type of reagent) for their experiments. The website was launched in March 2013 and is now the largest antibody search engine in the world and lists more than 1.2 million antibodies from over 70 companies. | more


Cognitive neuroscience company that builds web-based software for assessing, measuring and improving cognitive performance and emotional wellbeing. | more

Customer Journey Consultancy Ltd

Customer Journey Consultancy helps companies create more profitable customer relationships by helping design and consistently deliver better customer journeys and better customer experiences. | more


Democrata uses big data analytics to provides insight to the maritime insurance sector. | more

EarSoft Limited

Produce low unit cost integrated audio products that improve the quality and consistency of audio playback on computing, mobile and potentially every kind of audio playback devices, for the hearing and hearing impaired. | more

Entrelancer Ltd

Entrelancer is a business based around facilitating collaboration. We provide web based platform to promote and facilitate collaboration between business start-up and freelance communities, in a profit sharing framework. | more

Envolve Technology Limited / My Community

Envolve Technology provide tools to improve the reach and quality of engagement and consultation projects; a statutory process that already exists in the UK public sector requiring the public's input on decisions affecting their use of services.

We have developed a web based tool to better meet statutory consultation and involvement regulations at reduced time and cost for service providers, enabling providers to simply consult and involve a wider audience not just when a major change is proposed, but in ongoing service planning and delivery.

Every day, in towns and cities... | more

Ether Books Ltd

Ether Books is a new mobile social reading platform that publishes short content onto smart phones and mobile devices, connecting writers and readers around the world. | more

Farncombe Technology Ltd

A professional services firm offering technical and strategic support across all digital media sectors, with a focus on TV. | more

Genius Digital Ltd

Making sense of data for the TV Industry across 13 time zones, working with opertors to understand viewers through data with next generation audience measurement, quality of experience and targeted adversiting. | more

Go Travel Solutions Ltd

Go Travel Solutions Ltd is a specialist sustainable transport consultancy which has been operating since 2008. Mr. Cliff Jones heads up the UK South office based in Bath. | more

Grid Scientific Limited

Applies telecommunications sector experience to defining, designing and delivering software products for electricity network operators that support evolution of today's electricity networks to the anticipated "smart grid". | more

Inergy Systems Ltd

Inergy Systems provides specialist engineering design services for the General Manufacturing, Aerospace and energy sectors. Inergy Systems delivers leading technologies, engineering services and innovation capabilities to a growing global customer base, supported by a network of international in-country partnership companies and government bodies. | more

Intohand Ltd

Intohand is a software and services consultancy focused on delivering online tools, with simple, easy to use interfaces and both cost and resource-effective approaches to service provision, to make life easy when publishing to the small screen. It also delivers applications for popular mobile platforms such as Apple, Android and BlackBerry. | more

Jamp Technology Ltd

Jamp Technology Ltd is a tech startup based in Bath. Its founder and director is Patrick Thomas, an Electrical engineering graduate from Bath University. Our industrial focus is the design and manufacture of embedded sensor/DSP systems, with a holistic approach to integrating PCBs, firmware and apps/software in a complete package. Patrick's hobbyist interest in electronic music theory led to the conception of our flagship product - The Jamp Box. | more

Lifejak Ltd

We design and create solutions using hardware and software tools to deliver improvement in a company’s business – via staff, customers or suppliers. | more

Lux Rewards

Lux Rewards is a premium restaurant rewards card targeted at workers who regularly dine out on expenses. | more

Mandika Limited

Mobile software development


Media Grand (UK) Ltd

Media Grand are a specialist development agency in the field of augmented reality (AR). We provide consultancy, design and development and R&D for businesses looking to enter this field. We are also developing our own range of AR based products. | more


Modus Nova is a software company based in Bath that develops innovative Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer products with global potential. The first product we will be launching is an e-commerce and delivery platform for local businesses.

We are selected to join UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme. Our intellectual property and proposed business has been described as “a unique disruptive technology of exceptional global potential, being led by a professional management team” by GEP.

We have been running one of the leading software companies in Turkey for... | more

Mystery Applicant Ltd

SAAS based candidate experience feedback tool. | more

Optimum Environment

Optimum environment Ltd is a consulting engineering practice specialising in energy and water conservation and renewable s, smart eco-thinking for a small planet. | more

Portal47 Ltd

Software development company specialising in localisation services for Ruby on Rails web applications | more

Prizm Games Limited

Our Innovation Map describes a fundamental pattern of creation that exists in every area of life & the universe. We apply this scientific breakthrough and proprietary secrets in several different gamified innovation applications with University partners, Government partners and Industry partners. | more

Propagator Limited

Is a technology and service design company that conceives, designs, develops and manages digital advice and learning services for organisations of all sizes, to help them build profitable relationships with their customers and differentiate their brands. | more


Proteus is leading the way in harnessing the step change in availability, accuracy and resolution of satellite derived imagery coupled with advances in processing technologies to deliver full turnkey mapping solutions at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

Based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Bristol, UK, Proteus offers full turnkey global mapping solutions produced from very high resolution satellite imagery. We provide customers with cutting edge products for environment, agriculture, forestry and marine use.

Proteus are Information Partner Program (IPP) partners with... | more

Psychometrico Ltd

The business idea is to build Psychometrico, a tool which will provide aptitude test practice and help students with pre-employment assessment process. Aptitude based assessments are required for many entry-level positions in the UK as an attempt to accurately test the numeric, verbal and inductive capabilities of an applicant. | more

Rubber Regen LLP

Development and commercialization of new technology for recycling tyres | more

Search Star

Having built up a successful agency search team in 2005 he left to set up Search Star in Bath offering a no-nonsense approach to efficient and effective Pay-Per-Click advertising. Search Star is now proud to be one of the top 10 independent PPC agencies in the UK and the largest in the South West. | more


Large amounts of people do not know which events are avaialble in their areas, missing many opportunities of satisfying their interests. On the other hand, many event organisers do not know how to reach a proper visibility for their events.
Our company's mission is to connect these two needs facilitating positive social and cultural interactions and business opportunities. | more

Smart Sensors Limited

High performance technology for building iris biometrics recognition solutions such as iris feature extraction, biometric key creation and matching that offers an extremely strong alternative to those underlying almost all the current commercial iris biometric offerings. | more


Is a highly innovative mobile applications development company that offers Mobile Application Solutions, App Design, Development and Promotion services, providing a full mobile strategy review, giving an accelerated and expert insight into the implications and opportunities of the mobile channel on business. | more

Soberdrive Ltd

Soberdrive will be creating a range of physical preventatives to drink driving, targeting both the corporate sectors through a retro fit product and the everyday consumer by licencing the idea directly to car companies. Moving forward with the goals of saving money and promoting social responsibility. | more

Speakr Technologies

Speaker is a Community Interest Company developing web based too to make it easy for children to sue in schools to articulate how they feel, and to make it easy for teachers to see the children that need help, and to do something about it. | more

Standard InterOperations

Standard InterOperations (SIO) provides a methodology and tooling to model any activity in any organisation. We call this OIS (Operational Integration Standards) and it can model anything from laboratory experiments, on-boarding new customers, to setting up and monitoring networked devices. Its main use is in Organisational Transformation, defining operations so that they can be made more efficient, outsourced, or automated, so dramatically reducing the time taken to start new IT projects and dramatically reducing the risk of delay, cost overruns and features shortfall that characterise... | more

Staple Barn Group

Product design and manufacture focusing on social and environmental improvements. Started trading in 1998 and holds some 20 patents either granted or pending.
The current areas of interest are:
A. Orthopaedics both human and veterinary.
B. Education both medical and academic.
C. Beer dispensing both above and below the bar.
D. Pharmaceuticals. | more

Super User Studio

User experience design consultancy that helps clients make a success of their digital product, be it a website, an application or software; supporting them with user experience research, strategy, design and evaluation services. | more

Super User Studio

Super User Studio is an experience and digital product design studio. Founded in 2008, Super User Studio specializes in enterprise UX, driving these businesses forward by placing people at the heart of everything we do. Key services include experience research & Strategy, information architecture, UI & GUI design. Our model involves the use of a large Associate Network of talented UX professionals. | more

Sure Sense Ltd

The development and deployment of a temperature monitoring system within the commercial catering market. Utilising wireless temperature sensors and tablet interface via a cloud based storage facility. | more

Systemic Consult Ltd

Applying Systems Concepts to Improve Management Practices. | more

Tangerine Home Technology

Designers and manufacturers of consumer electronics devices specialised in producing innovative solutions which solve problems that end users experience with their current technology products within their homes. | more

Thalia Design Automation Ltd

Develops electronic design automation toolsets that aid in the design of Analogue and mixed signal integrated circuits. | more

Tivarri/Cranberry UK

Tivarri specialises in providing IT business services based upon Cloud technologies and specialist software applications developed by the company. These services include Hosted Desktop, Hosted email and Website Hosting.

Cranberry sets new standards with their carbon saving with innovative energy and time saving business computing solutions. | more

Zeallion Ltd ( T/A Intro)

Intro is an online platform for young people to develop the skills employers are looking for and find jobs they'll love at exciting companies. | more