Bristol centre members

a2z technologies ltd

A2Z Technologies is a complete technology partner, we leverages tech where appropriate to help stimulate sustainable growth and profit for our clients. We have created many bespoke solutions for our clients streamlining their processes and enabling growth. We love solving problems and creating holistic solutions while delivering an excellent user experience. | more

AptCore Limited

AptCore supplies processor designs optimised for machine vision and radar applications. Using our unique, patent pending processor architecture we can provide unrivalled levels of performance for the target applications. Our processors may be used as hardware accelerators within a larger system, or as highly efficient embedded processors within a small power efficient unit, in each case providing superior capability systems for our customers. | more


At AutonoMe we believe video is the most powerful communication tool available for people with Learning difficulties and other cognitive impairments

Our award winning innovation AutonoMe combines the power of video, mobile technology, tags our bespoke data analytics system to improve independence and reduce the need for paid care. | more

Bioinduction Ltd

Bioinduction develops and markets innovative active implantable medical devices for the treatment of neurological conditions. | more


BOXARR Ltd is an innovative software company providing a modelling tool that uniquely addresses the growing challenges of managing complex interdependent systems in Aerospace & Defence. The world is becoming more complex, BOXARR solves complexity through simple boxes and arrows, massively scalable and hugely powerful analysis capability. BOXARR is boxes and arrows for the big data age! | more

Bristol BlueGreen Limited

BlueGreen - the Heart of tomorrow's intelligent home - cost effectively integrating smart voltage management with intelligent energy monitoring forming the hub for the Internet of Things. Guaranteed savings - lower energy consumption - cleaner planet. | more

Built Intelligence Ltd

Built Intelligence (BI): Web based collaborative consultancy for faster, more affordable and smarter results. Consultancy done differently! | more


Search the web for other photos taken with the same camera.
Consumer version:
Law Enforcement version: | more

Cerberus Security Laboratories Ltd.

Cerberus Security Laboratories offers advanced hardware and software security consultancy, testing and secure hardware silicon IP for embedded systems and the Internet of Things. | more


Complia is a music technology startup focused on developing novel interfaces for electronic music controllers. Our flagship product is a novel music controller combining hardware and software allowing musicians to create their electronic music in a completely new way. Complia was one of the commended finalists of the New Enterprise Competition at University of Bristol.


Cotham Technologies Limited

Cotham Technologies believe in simplifying technology for app creators and users. The company develops products and technologies for the next wave of innovation and digital transformation in the smart mobile device-cloud area: transforming user experience, productivity and work flow. The mission – ‘Fast simple app creation for all’ is underpinned by the patent-filed FloFrame software platform. Floframe reinvents the app creation process, liberating app supply empowering developers with the speed and simplicity required to tackle the complex art of building mobile apps. Cotham... | more


DotWorks develops AI based assessment software to make recruitment better, faster, fairer, and cheaper. | more


Duel is a Customer Advocacy Marketing platform that helps brands and retailers sell more by turning their customers into advocates. This advocacy builds emotional connection and makes every element of a company’s marketing, advertising, and eCommerce more effective. | more

Elucidata Ltd

We are a software engineering team with our roots in data science. Over the years we have learned that the key to making effective use of data for AI and decisioning lies in excellent software craftsmanship. | more

Fluence World Ltd

Fluence takes the guesswork out of education planning.

Our cutting-edge content-analysis technology crunches through training and workplace content, to reveal the most efficient way of teaching it to students.

Uploading content to our platform allows us to reveal the core educational requirements of any course, to understand the knowledge gap between subject and student, and to optimise order of introduction for new content.

We are producing a new generation of intelligent teaching and learning tools that adapt autonomously to target whatever will have the greatest... | more


Fundsurfer is a hybrid crowdfunding and commercial funding platform. We provide crowdfunding and access to a range of funding options for projects and companies. | more


Data is power. Imagine how much more power companies can have when data makes sense and is modelled and visualised in different ways. Our mission is to help people make sense of data. Our breakthrough innovative services help decision makers answer complex questions and solve problems by simply clicking the 'Enter' button. With us, making sense of data is fast and easy. | more

Good Sixty

Local guide and retail platform | more

Gradient Ltd

At Gradient, we are building software to enable people to always have access to the information they need - when they need it. Our first product, Gurn, harnesses the knowledge of your employees to enable rapid navigation and knowledge sharing around systems and resources. | more

GraphixAsset Ltd

GraphixAsset, developers of eMAR
eMAR is a hand held electronic medication recording solution, complete with built-in safety features to ensure that medication is administered reliably. Perfect for supported living environments where compliance and security are paramount, eMAR is easy to use for both Managers and Support Workers alike. eMAR is already showing significant reductions in medication errors for our customers, saving time and money, and improving safety. | more

Handaxe CIC

Handaxe CIC was founded in February 2014 by Dr David Coyle and Dr Gary O’Reilly. We develop new technologies to support mental health services. Our first product, Pesky gNats, is a computer game that supports Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions for young people aged 9-17. It provides targeted support for young people experiencing anxiety and depression. These are the most common mental health disorders in the UK. The software was developed through a project funded by the Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) at the University of Bristol. Dr... | more

Hatch Apps Ltd, trading as Xavier Analytics

A small web development agency called Hatch Apps have partnered with their accountancy firm called FD Works to build a web product called Xavier Analytics ( The product provides technical, time-saving tools and reporting for finance professionals using Xero cloud accounting software. The project has gone well and is now in beta testing. The Hatch team are moving away from agency work and focusing on Xavier full time.

After launch and refinement of the Xavier Analytics product, the Xavier team will embark on expanding the offering into a much broader suite of... | more

Helastel Limited

Helastel is based in Bristol and makes bespoke software, websites and applications for clients in the UK and overseas. We have created software that has transformed businesses and made people’s lives easier. We are proud of the long lasting relationships we have with clients – most have now stayed with us for five years or more.

Helastel is small company with a big reach. We manage projects of great complexity for a company of our size. We’re proud to be commercially aware as well as highly technical, to be able to communicate well and to understand your customers, and your... | more

HellyHolly Ltd.

HellyHolly - smart assistance for busy families | more

Humankind Ventures Ltd (trading as Forth)

Forth is a digital health tracking service which gives people the power to test, track and optimise key internal biomarkers integral to health, wellbeing and performance. The service allows people to understand their body like never before and supports them in taking action to improve their health & performance.

The business meets the growing demand for a fast, convenient and accessible health service which is currently unmet by NHS GPs. Forth will capitalize on the growing engagement by consumers in proactively managing their own health and the desire to gain greater control.... | more

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs have built a gamified, social platform that streams cyber labs to end users, enabling them to acquire and develop practical skills that are measured and reported to the business’ C-suite.

We are launching a free version for Academia called the Digital Cyber Academy. This will enable students in the UK in any form of higher or further education to learn practical cyber skills. We then enable businesses to identify talent based on skills demonstrated rather than background, subject, age, nationality etc. This will hopefully lead to a natural increase in diversity as... | more

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD

Inclusive Media Solutions LTD specialise in mobile technology for people with cognitive disabilities, We provide expert advice and innovative products to the industry. | more

Industrial Phycology

Using the founder teams in-depth knowledge of algae and the waste water industry Industrial phycology has developed a new patent pending treatment system. This will allow the WW industry to cost effectively meet the new legislation. Our self contained modular system uses algae to remove the problem chemicals and can be easily scaled depending on the treatment works requirements. The key benefits over current solutions are:
•Recovery of nutrients including phosphate which is already past peak production
•Make use of carbon emissions helping to meet reduction targets | more


INSPHERE is a specialist metrology integrator with a range of products and services serving the needs of advanced manufacturing companies. INSPHERE delivers technical solutions that increase the productivity and performance of manufacturing systems. | more

Interactive Scientific Ltd

Interactive Scientific Ltd (iSci) is a multi-award-winning company which is dedicated to the development of transformative, tactile digital and analogue experiences that explore the scientific world.

Interactive Scientific’s primary product is Nano Simbox, a software platform that has been developed using rigorous molecular design simulations, sound pedagogy and intuitive design to make the invisible world of atoms and molecules visible for science learners and researchers.

Nano Simbox connects our everyday observations with the scientific phenomena that no one can see,... | more

IoTechnics Ltd

IoTechnics is a hardware and software design house specialising in edge devices connected to the cloud using low-power wireless communications technologies. We have identified a gap in the RFID reader market for clothing retailers and we are in the process of developing a product to fill this gap. | more

KETS Quantum Security Ltd

KETS quantum security enables the strongest digital encryption in a practical and deployable integrated quantum photonics platform.


LettUs Grow Ltd

LettUs Grow is a UK-based agricultural technology company that is revolutionising irrigation efficiency in vertical farms. We use our seamless integration of vertical farming hardware, sensory data capture, and networked data, to create a powerful farm management solution for the vertical farming industry. | more

LiketoBe Ltd

LiketoBe is an digital networking platform helping to raise student aspirations and support business recruitment. | more

Living DNA Ltd

Living DNA is a personal genomics company allowing individuals to take a DNA test and discover amazing things about themselves including all about their ancestry, where they come from and how they are connected to people across the world. | more

LuJam Security Ltd

The Threat from Cyber Security is sky-rocketing and SMEs do not have the means to mitigate the latest risks. The Business provides an innovative real-time solution based on a subscription model that protects your network and all devices attached to it. Furthermore, the user receives jargon free alerts and daily summaries reporting cyber security threats and risks. | more

MathEmbedded Ltd.

MathEmbedded is a provider of technical security and software development services for connected devices.
We support our customers to design, assess and develop secure products.
We operate in the consumer electronics, automotive and industrial markets and are able to provide pragmatic, cost effective services that meet the needs of these mass markets. | more

Mechfeed Ltd (T/A Zenstores)

Zenstores is easy order management software. Our mission is to improve the day to day logistics of micro-businesses trading online, freeing the business owner to focus on growing their business and realising their vision. | more


Metasonics technology offers ultra-high fidelity control over sound, giving you the capability to shape, direct and focus sound waves in real time. Existing directional audio devices are static and cumbersome, making them unsuitable for personalised use. Metasonics employs metamaterial bricks that can seamlessly adapt the direction and power of sound waves, enabling miniaturisation of the technology and offering the flexibility to do more with sound. | more

Motion Impossible

We make remote platforms used in TV, Film, VR, Safety inspection, Military and Defence. | more


Nu Nano Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of probes for atomic force microscopy and other cantilever-based sensor devices. It was founded in 2011 by Dr James Vicary and Professors Heinrich Hoerber and Mervyn Miles to bring new manufacturing methods and exemplary levels of customer service to an industry broadly unchanged in 20 years. | more


OnCorps is the decision analytics company that intelligently nudges individuals to drive maximum team performance. Nudges are little tweaks to the decision making process, like providing timely information in advance of a decision. Our mobile nudging apps provide a way for large companies to rapidly communicate with employees in a targeted way and support their decisions. And, using our platform, our engaging apps can be rapidly configured, deployed and changed. OnCorps data science applications identify, create and apply the data large companies need to get big gains. | more

One Big Circle

One Big Circle provides momentum to projects - delivering high-speed solutions across a range of industries using both current and developing technology. | more

OneDot Automation Limited (trading as Inventyourhome)

Inventyourhome is a smart-home solution start-up which focuses on utilizing Artificial Intelligence and modern technologies to develop innovative and cost-effective home automation products. This enables us to provide an intelligent and personalized smart-home environment along with a user-friendly experience which makes us stand out from the current market offerings. | more

Phoenix Systems

Phoenix Systems is a software development company focused on Phoenix-RTOS - a real-time, configurable operating system for configurable processors used in modern embedded systems. | more

Screen Time Labs

Screen Time Labs develops an app that lets parents manage the time their children spend on their tablets and smartphones. | more

Shift2Go Limited

On-demand staffing platform that links local skilled staff with available shifts at the click of a button. | more

Silicon Basis

Silicon Basis provides the Semiconductor Industry with Really Low Power SRAM compilers on advanced nodes. The power saving comes from the novel patent pending architecture developed by the Company. | more


SSBN was formed out of the University of Bristol in 2014, in response to the need for globally available flood data. The group’s leader, Prof. Paul Bates, was awarded the Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize in 2012 and SSBN were runners up in NERC impact awards 2015.

Essentially, the company builds computer models that allow clients to assess their exposure to flooding, with global coverage. The company is currently working across multiple industries including the (re)insurance, international development, conservation, disaster response and aid sectors. The company is also undertaking... | more

Synseer Limited

Synseer is a SaaS platform for leaders and managers – enabling faster collaborative decision making and problem solving with multiple stakeholders, without the need for a meeting. It is underpinned by a Virtual Facilitator using analytics and Machine Learning to drive faster, simpler and better decisions. Following 12 months of R&D, prototyping and market testing with 100+ business leaders, we built the product in 2017 and launched in 2018 with our MVP. We made our first sales to a £1bn+ multi-national and have early traction with growth companies, project managers and the research...

Http:// | more

TravelLocal Ltd

TravelLocal thinks that if you're planning a trip somewhere, it makes far more sense to do that with someone based on the ground in your destination. We cut out traditional, UK based travel agencies, and connect customers to the best locally owned travel companies in the world. In doing so, we're bringing the 'buy local' ethos to travel, starting with the £15bn tailor-made holidays market. With the use of our innovative web platform, we help locally owned travel companies compete on a level playing field with big, bland, UK/US based travel companies who frequently siphon off too much of... | more

Verdu Labs Ltd

Veridu (a trading name of Veridu Labs Ltd) is a Bristol-based Regtech startup with a mission to bring compliance (and therefore trust) to blockchain businesses.

Veridu was founded in 2018 by technologist Nicholas Hemley (Bristech), fintech lawyer Adrian Shedden (Keystone Law) and entrepreneur Tom Morgan (The Adventurists, The Visa Machine).

Using unique cryptocurrency source of funds technology, they are on a mission to ensure that any inbound funds into blockchain and traditional financial businesses have not been subject to money laundering by criminals.

Veridu... | more

VIKA Books

VIKA Books looks to the future of art publishing by creating design-led digital publications that enhance printed publications to create scalable multi-media immersive experiences. Our inaugural publication for museums and galleries is A Gallery in your Pocket, a unique umbrella publication that blurs the boundaries between public and private audiences. | more

Vision Game Labs Ltd.

VGL is a MedTech start-up using patent-pending technology to reinvent the eye chart, to gain better insights into visual and cognitive health. In collaboration with University of Bristol and NHS, VGL are undergoing patient-led R&D of a proof-of-concept on a tablet device, and seeking their first round of seed investment and management team to develop this to a software medical device. | more


YellowDog is a revolution in Image rendering for 3D studios and artists.

The YellowDog platform gives animators and studios access to hundreds of thousands of cores across multiple providers, but with none of the hassle of setting up with multiple vendors. YellowDog takes care of it all for you.

As a result, YellowDog is powerful enough to chew through the biggest render jobs in next to no time.

This is what we here at YellowDog call Limitless Compute. | more

YoUrban Innovations Ltd

We are a group of technology and management professionals whose knowledge, skills and experience spans smart cities, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, connectivity, data, homes, mobility and energy.

Our mission is to support governments and organisations to make the most of new technologies in urban areas. Putting people and the environment first.

We do this by researching, developing and providing advice on digital and smart city strategies, services and technologies to increase the quality of life, sustainability and... | more