Exeter centre members


3 co-founders forming a business that emerged from StartUp Weekend Exeter and the Business School.



Alitica provides analytics for the restaurant industry.

We produce sensors which are placed within restaurants to collect anonymous information from dining environments. This data is used to determine the stage of a meal customers are currently at, together with the level of interaction they have with members of staff.

Our analytics system analyses this information to derive insights that can then be used by members of staff to improve company performance. We have invented, and are in the process of patenting, a unique method for collecting live operational information from...

http://www.alitica.com | more


Post operative patient recovery monitoring system based on biochemical readings that ensures patients are released at the right time, thereby freeing up bed occupancy and other resources.

http://www.attomarker.co.uk | more


Brain-in-Hand's mobile assistive technology supports those with impaired executive function of the brain to live independent lives and receive high quality care at significantly reduced cost.

http://www.brain-in-hand.co.uk | more

Concept First Ltd

Business focused IT company, specialising in bespoke IT software and big data analytics.

http://www.conceptfirst.com | more


Crowdcube is the next generation of business investment. It is a new way to fund start-ups and business expansion by giving entrepreneurs a platform to connect with ordinary people and raise venture capital.

http://crowdcube.com | more

Custodian Solutions

Custodian Solutions has developed a cloud based anti-counterfeiting platform. It helps large enterprises to secure, track, trace, authenticate and analyse evidence and data as part of their brand protection and product security strategy.
The platform allows enterprises to efficiently identify products at risk and protect consumers. It also allows for thorough enforcement and successful litigation.

http://www.custodiansolutions.com | more


Dashboard Limited is an early stage technology company formed to develop and market an automated remote monitoring solution for collecting/consolidating near-real-time data from sensors in both remote/accessible locations and for transmitting the data, using satellite/cellular/wireless communications, to a “private cloud” platform for analysis and retention. Analysed data is then presented via a "dashboard" interface, providing a view of the status of the given equipment, process or asset being monitored in real real-time.

http://www.remotedashboard.io | more

Edson Tiger Ltd

The team, made up of former military, intelligence and security experts, provide a range of services consisting of risk management advisory and protective services, including specialist technology for on the ground support and personnel training, tracking software and communications equipment.

http://edsontiger.com/ | more

Frigesco Ltd

Development of energy efficient freezer systems.

http://Frigesco.com | more

Join Dementia Research

Over 25 million people in the UK have a friend or
family member with dementia.
We are trying to make a difference through medical research. Help by signing up now.

By signing up, you will be able to:

* Find the studies that match your information.

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Living Systems Technology

Living Systems Technology provides low cost, high-throughput, ethical solutions for researchers who require alternatives to mammalian research models.

http://www.livingsystemstechnology.com | more

Low and Behold

Low and Behold specialises in resourceful solutions to reduce the impacts of the way we live today. We impact our environment in two ways: firstly by changing the climate through the production and release of greenhouse gases and secondly by depleting valuable resources.

http://lowandbehold.co.uk | more

Made Open Communications Ltd

Made Open Communications Ltd is a Service Design and Digital Innovation company. We help communities, businesses and public sector organisations create social change.

http://www.madeopen.co.uk | more


ModMyPi LTD was founded in February 2012 following the public release of the ground-breaking Raspberry Pi Model B, a revolutionary new mini-computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK based charity.

ModMyPi was started by a final year student at the University of Exeter with support from the Innovation Centre.

http://www.modmypi.com | more


Pulsenotes is a fresh take on undergraduate medical revision. We dissect medicine of its complexity - visually stunning resources, consistent quality and simple explanations. We offer our users high-quality video lectures covering a range of medical topics complemented by comprehensive, yet concise, revision notes and applied self-assessment. Made by students for students we aim to create an online learning platform that engages and challenges.

http://www.pulsenotes.com | more

Revel Innovation

A software development and product innovation company. Revel have developed a flexible core technology platform for intelligent data management which synchronises with mobile smartphone application

http://www.revel.org.uk | more

Rezcomm commerce Technology

The leading provider of travel and parking reservation systems.
Established in Bideford, Rezcomm started out as a traditional travel agency called
“Let’s go travel”. Following a shift in the market, the firm changed their focus
from high street sales to the development of online reservation technology and specialist industry software, and subsequently rebranded as Rezcomm.

http://rezcomm.com/ | more

Routeshoot Limited

RouteShoot is a smart phone application and a web based content management system that allows users to easily collect and manage geo-referenced videos online.

RouteShoot is in use worldwide by organisations involved in many different activities including disaster relief, aerial surveillance, highway inspections and damage prevention.

http://www.routeshoot.com | more

SeeData Ltd

SeeData helps organisations make the most of their data and integrate their operations with bespoke software.

http://seedata.co.uk | more

Theta Technologies

Theta Technologies provides cost effective non-linear acoustic technology for the non-destructive testing (NDT) of traditional and composite materials and layered structures.

http://www.thetatech.co.uk | more


Summary to be updated

https://www.tickbox.org.uk/ | more