Previously supported companies Southampton

Almeida Consulting

Business Development for High Tech Businesses; Process design and improvement in Marketing, Sales, Project Management and Customer Support | more

Axon Limited

Healthcare ICT sector within the Telehealthcare Market. A network and chronic disease management programs linking healthcare professionals remotely with patients. Intelligent, integrated clinical information systems. | more


Electrically conductive polymer and polymer composites. | more

Blade Dynamics

The company designs, develops and builds blades using unique seamless modular technology. Key benefits are significant improvements in quality, performance and transportability. The technology enables the blades that are necessary for the needs of the modern wind energy business both onshore and offshore, and will significantly reduce the cost of energy from wind. | more

Cloudtrade Limited

Cloud Trade provides a supplier-friendly way to send and receive electronic invoices and other business documents. Non-disruptive to your supply chain and simple to use – Cloud Trade guarantees high adoption rates. | more

Electrochemical Innovation

Electrochemical Innovations Ltd is developing a patented, next generation, electrochemical sensor platform targeting glucose test strips for diabetics. | more

EMU CleanAir Limited

Start-up company.


Europacom has been established for 18 years and over the years has worked closely with Southampton University (Prof Michael Luck) and indeed significant software development that we have produced has been done by ex Southampton University Alumni.

Recent Software development includes a unique predictive maintenance service for companies with large numbers of broadband sites such as retail or hospitality premises. This has been launched and well received and adopted by our major clients. The business is now seeking development capital to exploit the opportunities for this... | more


Web-based scheduled monitoring for aircraft | more

Ilika Technologies Ltd

Ilika specialises in the development and application of high throughput, combinatorial R&D techniques for the discovery of new materials. To customers interested in the accelerated creation, screening and characterization of new and novel materials, we offer Research Collaborations & Material Licenses. | more


Design, installation and operation of maritime data radio networks. | more

Karus Therapeutics Ltd

Karus is developing a new generation of pharmaceuticals to treat haematological cancers, solid tumours and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. | more

my mhealth Ltd

Our core business is chronic respiratory disease and we have developed products to deliver patient self-management platforms, professional education and clinical trials recruitment. HealthQuest Solutions sits in a unique space to deliver this new agenda, helping patients and healthcare professionals manage chronic disease through bespoke IT platforms. | more

PrimerDesign Ltd

PrimerDesign specialise in the design and validation of real-time PCR gene detection kits. Kits are based on PrimerDesign's own 'PerfectProbeTM' technology. | more

SEaB Energy Ltd

UK company working in the waste to energy sector. SEaB has developed and patented a containerised, easy to install, waste to energy system based on anaerobic digestion (AD), which has the potential to increase significantly the market take-up for generating energy and income from food-waste and other bio-wastes directly at the sites of smaller waste producers. The revenue target is £90M by 2017 with an installed base of 856 systems by the end of that year. | more


Hi-tech composite material.


Streamline Power

Streamline Power is an alliance of energy managers, technology assessors and engineers. Our mission is to deliver bespoke energy effi ciency and renewable energy generation solutions that help organisations cut costs, reduce emissions and become more self-sufficient in energy.



Exploring leading edge space technology in security markets. | more


The TEKEVER Group develops innovative technologies for Enterprise, Aerospace, Defence and Security Markets. The Group's activities are organized in two divisions: Information Technology, and Aerospace, Defence and Security. The company is a product-led business, driven by innovation and passionate about technology. TEKEVER products are in use across the globe in markets including Banking, Security, Defence, Space and Automotive. | more